BMO/Recent changes/2015-12

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  • bug 1227998 B2G Droid product missing some fields that are on FxOS bugs
  • bug 1231248 Add hint that DuoSec login is probably your LDAP username
  • bug 1226287 A few more Data & BI Services Team product tweaks
  • bug 1232324 BMO: Incorrect regexp used to filter bug IDs in Bugzilla::WebService::BugUserLastVisit
  • bug 1231346 UI tweaks to make 2FA setup/changes more intuitive
  • bug 1229894 Backport bug upstream 1221518 to bmo/4.2 [SECURITY] XSS in dependency graphs when displaying the bug summary
  • bug 1234237 Backport upstream bug 1232785 to bmo/4.2 [SECURITY] Buglists in CSV format can be parsed as valid javascript in some browsers


  • bug 1226420 Add a message about using github to file bugs
  • bug 1228101 The "Add" button for CC is oddly placed
  • bug 1228910 doesn't use the dc-proxy
  • bug 1217890 Ctrl+Click/Shift+Click on image attachments does not open them in new tabs, with bugzilla's experimental UI
  • bug 1225247 Bug assignee should be displayed in a more prominent way
  • bug 1214197 missing API documentation for 'keywords', 'blocks', and 'depends_on' during bug creation
  • bug 1149952 Can't change bug status to ASSIGNED in one click
  • bug 1229198 When saving a buglist from a saved search as a CSV file, set the filename to <saved-query-name>.csv