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This is the main public page for all things related to, aka b.m.o, Mozilla's customized version of Bugzilla. Here you can find information such as who is actively maintaining and contributing to b.m.o and what tasks are currently being worked on. Other information such as recent meeting minutes, and current release schedules can also be found here.


  • dkl: Dave Lawrence (Owner/Engineer)
  • glob: Byron Jones (Owner/Engineer)
  • mcote: Mark Côté (Overseer/Dark Lord)
  • justdave: Dave Miller (Admin)
  • gerv: Gervase Markham (Grease Gun)
  • reed: Reed Loden (Engineer/Admin [Volunteer])
  • lizzard: Liz Henry (Bugmaster)

Bugzilla Tips and Other Useful Documentation

Information About BMO

Policies and Procedures

  • will receive normal code updates every Thursday at no specific time if changes need to be pushed out.
  • Security fixes or other fatal type errors will always go out as soon as possible.

Administrative Procedures

Meeting Information

Every Tuesday 8:30 AM PT, Vidyo Room of Byron Jones (479), Dial-in extension 90479.

Current Projects

This table lists the bugs representing the current quarterly goals. Those that were set at the beginning of the quarter are tagged with the keyword "bmo-goal". The BMO team also regularly gets requests for high-priority work items throughout the quarter; those that will take more than a day or two in total, thus potentially jeopardizing other goals, are included below, tagged with "bmo-big". The daily smaller tasks are also generally tracked in Bugzilla but not represented in the table below.

P1 indicates a critical project. P2 indicates an important but deferrable item. P3 is as P2 but more deferrable. Note that all items are important, and it is presumed that lower-priority items will increase in priority over time as high-priority tasks are completed, i.e., we don't plan to defer any of these tasks indefinitely.

ID Priority Summary Status Resolution Assigned to Keywords
880669 P1 Extend current BzAPI BMO extension to contain compatibility changes on top of native rest ASSIGNED dkl bmo-goal
489028 P3 Record last-visited time of bugs when logged in ASSIGNED dylan bmo-big, relnote
993218 P1 Only allow users with editbugs to log in and perform actions NEW bmo-big
993222 P1 Disallow reviews for confidential bugs NEW bmo-big
993225 P1 Upload Review Board review URL to Bugzilla as attachment NEW bmo-big
993229 P1 Display useful error when auth token is no longer valid NEW bmo-big
993232 P1 Mirror comments back to Bugzilla NEW bmo-big
993227 P2 Integrate suggested reviewers NEW bmo-big
993233 P2 Allow Bugzilla auth tokens to be used with Review Board web API calls NEW bmo-big
993235 P2 Mirror flag changes back to Bugzilla NEW bmo-big
956390 P3 Add suggested reviewers capability to the ui review flag ASSIGNED dkl bmo-big

Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete)

Further documentation about goals above and other projects follows:

  • User Roles
    • Generate different user roles based on what tasks a user is trying to complete when using the BMO system.
  • Change Notification System
    • Support for scalable push-based notifications of bug updates.

Past Projects

Some of these will have on-going maintenance and improvements, but the initial deployment has been accomplished. Others have been abandoned or rejected due to various factors, noted below.

Other News

News related to b.m.o.