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These are descriptions of the fields listed on the user profile pages on

Last activity

The date and time a user last reported, changed or commented on a bug in Bugzilla. Link to user activity report for the last 4 weeks.

Bugs filed

The total number of bugs reported by the user.

Commented on

The total number of bugs that the user has commented on.

Comments made

The total number of comments that the user has added.


The number of bugs the user has changed from UNCONFIRMED to NEW.


QA-contacts work as part of the QA team to help developers with regression testing, steps to reproduce bugs, and bug verification.

Patches submitted

The number of patches a user has submitted to help fix a bug.

Patches reviewed

Shows how many patches a user has reviewed.

Assigned to

Bugs assigned to a user.

Bugs poked

Total number of bugs a user has interacted with: filed, commented on, changed status, added whiteboard or keyword tags, changed product or component; anything done to the bug that results in saving changes.


Bugs a user has changed from NEW, UNCONFIRMED, or REOPENED to RESOLVED.


Bugs a user has resolved as a duplicate of an existing bug.


Bugs a user has resolved as INVALID; these may be issues that aren't Mozilla bugs, or are features rather than unexpected behavior.


Bugs a user was unable to reproduce on the reported hardware and OS. This includes bugs which used to be reproducible, but have "spontaneously disappeared", without it being known exactly what fixed the bug.


Bugs a user has resolved as FIXED. Only verify FIXED if the bug's resolution can be tied to a specific code checkin in a Mozilla repository.


Resolved bugs that a user has made sure have been resolved correctly.

Activity by product

Currently this gathers actions performed on bugs rather than counting the number of bugs. So the numbers here will be larger than the total number of bugs a user has worked on. We may change this in future if it seems confusing. The point would be to reflect the products where a user most often focuses their work.