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There are two major components to this project that support Mozilla's 2015 KPIs, and are part of our larger "Task Continuity" initiative:

  1. Implement a reading list feature in Desktop and Project 105 that matches the core functionality of the reading list feature in Firefox for Android.
  2. Build as simple a backed service as possible to support storing users’ reading list data in the cloud as part of their Firefox Account, and allow any other signed-in instance of Firefox on Mobile or Desktop to merge with and sync that data. For the initial v1 release, we’re excluding FirefoxOS.

Planning constraints & assumptions

  • Target audience: Firefox Desktop and Mobile users
  • Target release: Spring 2015 release on Nightly for Firefox Desktop, Firefox for Android, and Project 105 platforms with a backing cloud service (actual target Firefox release TBD)
  • Adequate Resourcing: Desktop, Android, Project 105, and Cloud Services teams needed for core work. See “Roadmap” below.


Currently users have cobbled together a variety of different and very individual workarounds to keep their stuff together and to save it for later. The problem is clear and wide-spread enough that a variety of dedicated services have emerged to address it, but none are really integrated into users’ day to day web and browsing activities, and all require users to go find, adopt, and maintain other services and related apps or add-ons.

By building a cross-product and cross-device reading list (and, in future, other save-for-later features) into Firefox, we’re providing users with significant value as an extension of a tool they already know and love, using an account they already have.

Please see this GDoc for further background details. (Permission required.)

Current Status

  • Reading List v1 (Spring 2015): in progress
  • Reading List v2 (Autumn 2015): TBD


Reading List v1 (Spring 2015)


  • Desktop: Reading list feature implemented, including support for the reading list cloud service using Fx Accounts
  • Mobile - Project 105: Reading list feature included as part of the initial feature set including support for the cloud service using Fx Accounts
  • Mobile - Android: Add support for the reading list cloud service using Fx Accounts
  • Cloud Services: Supporting backend service implemented and deployed in the Spring timeframe


See requirements spreadsheet here: Google Docs (ping deb@ if you need access)

Technical notes & decisions

Primary etherpad:

v1 scope

  • Support Reading List URLs only (not cached content)
  • sync device will be user event fetching or refresh button
  • high durability, storage limits should be configurable on the server

Reading List v2 (Autumn 2015)


Research & references


Project Owners


  • Desktop Product Manager: Bryan Clark
  • Desktop Tech Lead: Dolske
  • UX Lead: Michael Maslaney
  • QA Lead:


  • Mobile Product Manager: Deb Richardson
  • Engineering Manager: Mark Finkle
  • Mobile Tech Leads: rnewman, margaret
  • UX Lead: Anthony Lam
  • QA Lead:

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Services Product Manager: Bill Maggs
  • Technical Project Manager:Ed Wong
  • Cloud Tech Lead: Tarek Z