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The intention is to create a Reading List that is accessible to any Firefox desktop, mobile or 105 instance (FxOS TBD). This is a new 'service' attached to a Firefox Account that enables users to keep their Reading list in sync across all of their Firefox experiences (FxOS TBD).

Expected impact on Mozilla 2015 goals

The hypothesis is that this will increase monthly active users of Firefox, as well as promote further benefits to enabling and using a Firefox Account.

Product Requirements v1

Working doc

We're working on a cross-product list of v1 requirements in a Google sheet here: Firefox Reading List: cross-product v1 requirements

Supporting Products

Any Firefox product that supports the Reading List in their client, with the assumed and hopefully associated support for a Reading 'mode'. This currently includes:

  • Firefox desktop (reading 'mode' on the roadmap)
  • Firefox for Android
  • Project 105

to add

  • syncing
  • adding to reading list from any firefox instance
  • retrieving any article from the reading list to view from any firefox instance
  • offline access
  • quick reference to what reading mode is (strips out stuff, reformats, readable...)

current working docs

  • rnewman has an etherpad here: [1]

UX design

Success Criteria

Supporting Docs