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The Mozilla Evangelism project on Bugzilla and the share a certain number of keywords which are useful for the status of the bug/issue and what is the next course of actions. If you are participating to Compatibility activities. Please read carefully. You can ask us questions on IRC or through emails.

The keywords list

A bug starts its life as needstriage. We need to check if the information is sufficient to reproduce the issue, if it's possible to reproduce on the mentioned browser and if it has a different behavior in another browser. It's also the right time to look for a duplicate. If we are fairly sure that the issue can be diagnosed. We push to needsdiagnosis.
Entrance Criteria: The bug can be reproduced and has been confirmed as a Web compatibility issue. This phase is very important and it is worth to spend a bit more time on it. There are two goals: Understand and explain which part of the code is broken for which reasons AND when possible, suggest a fix (with code or explanation). Once it has happened, we can move to needscontact.
Entrance Criteria: The bug is understood and has a fix. Who could we contact for this company, website, through which means. Is it a direct developer or the form on the site.
Entrance Criteria: The bug has a known contact name or URI. Use the given information for contacting the site, explaining the issue or asking for a more meaningful contact.
Entrance Criteria: A first contact has been attempted recently. We need to monitor the site for any changes. Not everyone is announcing the changes by mail or on the bug itself. It is necessary to go back every couple of weeks to check if it's still broken. Sometimes if the bug is stuck, we might want to go back to needscontact, so we can find a better contact.

Entrance Criteria

It is important that each keyword has a precise entrance criteria. It means that if the entrance criteria is satisfied can directly go to a specific phase. It is not necessary to go through all steps, if you do everything at once.

For example, it often happens that when you needscontact you will probably contact too and then jumps to sitewait.