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Scribed by everyone.

DevTools & Frameworks Debugging (karl)

  • https: // I had discussions with Patrick Brosset. It was an informal meet people to discuss about some of the bugs. I explained and demonstrated some of the issues we had with devtools. Patrick mentionned that one of their priorities for 2017 was web compatibility.

Deployment improvement (karl)

With mike, we worked on making the deployment process less dependent of his own computer and making it more secure. We are not there yet. But we made progress. Some issues have been opened on devops related to that.

Can we improve privacy without breaking the web? (dennis)

  • https: // (Elective on Tracking Protection and potential webcompat implications) TOADD Link to slides They did more than just test tracking protection, they worked with other privacy-related prefs: Tracking protection did cause some issues, but the numbers were surprisingly low. However, first-party isolation and the resistFingerpriting pref breaks a lot of sites, including large properties like Facebook. Mike apparently knows about all the numbers, so he can provide details if needed.

Performance Profiling (thomas)

Demos of how to do basic profiling.

Machine Learning (eric)

Give introduction of machine learning, deep learning and current Mozilla projects, how could we use them in Firefox and so on. So many question like how to train model, could we use ML for ad detection/tracking protection.

Introduction of React (eric)

Hands on examples of react, concept of react component Sample codes:

Oana/Sergiu Triage skills (karl)

Spending a bit of time with Oana and Sergiu to give them more skills for triaging and reducing the context of bugs. Copy outer html, flags for events in JS, CSS and outline, iframe and CSS contexts, Changing fonts, etc.

Evening ( 🐝 )

There is a BBQ event for the full company.