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Re:dash allows you to connect to various data sources via an interactive SQL frontend. You can then share your queries with peers, create visualizations, or combine these into an automatically updating dashboard.

Check it out at re:dash is also known as stmo, an abbreviation of it's URL.

Running Queries

re:dash uses SQL to query the data sources. New queries are created by pressing "New Query" below the header. Queries run here will return the data below in tabular form.

Save the query by changing the name.

Creating Visualizations

The data from these queries can be used to power visualizations. Press "New Visualization" to create a visual from the query output. re:dash supports bar, line, area, pie, and scatter charts.

Creating Dashboards

Dashboards are created on the s.t.m.o main page - click on "Create Dashboard". Once you name your dashboard, you can add queries you've saved by clicking "Add Widget" under the settings (three dots in the right corner).

Re:dash also supports filters and nested dashboards, see the re:dash special features.

Available Data Sources

re:dash is data source agnostic. As such we have many different data sources available, where each will have their own tables to query from.

To choose a different data source, select it from the dropdown next to "Data Source". To see what tables are available, simply select the data source and execute show tables. Some data sources will have the tables and schemas show up in a table to the left of the query writing field.


We have a variety of datasets available in a Presto instance. Most notably, the derived datasets generated by telemetry-batch-view (longitudinal, cross-sectional, main-summary, etc). See the Full Documentation for more information.

Stub Installer Ping Dataset

This set includes data describing install success rates for Windows users. Information on this data can be found in the Firefox source tree documentation.

Google Sheets

To access a Google Sheet from re:dash:

Accessing re:dash data externally

Re:dash has the capability to make the data accessible via an HTTP request. See accessing re:dash results externally.

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