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It's helpful for Mozilla's engineers and decision-makers to be able to measure how Firefox behaves in the real world. The Telemetry feature provides this capability by sending performance and usage info to Mozilla. As you use Firefox, Telemetry measures and collects non-personal information, such as performance, hardware, usage and customizations. It then sends this information to Mozilla on a daily basis and we use it to improve Firefox.

Seeing the Collected Data

  • Instance Telemetry data (collected in your browser) can be viewed by typing about:telemetry into the Firefox URL bar.
  • Aggregate Telemetry data from all submissions can be viewed on the Telemetry dashboard at
  • Arbitrary custom analyses can be done via
  • Different datasets are available for SQL queries in our re:dash instance.


For Firefox Devs

Telemetry client-side:

Telemetry server-side:

Analyzing Telemetry:

Telemetry status:

New "unified" Telemetry that replaced FHR:


For Firefox Users

Filing Bugs

Telemetry client (in product) bugs should be filed in Toolkit::Telemetry.

Telemetry dashboard bugs should be filed in Webtools::Telemetry Dashboard

Telemetry data related bugs should be filed in Webtools::Telemetry Server

Tracking Bugs

Open Telemetry bugs are usually organized as a blocker for one of the following tracking bugs:


Communication Type Mechanism Audience
Asking questions #telemetry on devs
General discussion dev-platform and fhr-dev list devs
Announcements dev-platform, dev-planning lists all


Project Champion
Program Management
Product Benjamin Smedberg, Vladan Djeric
Client Engineering Vladan Djeric, Georg Fritzsche, Alessio Placitelli
Server Engineering Mark Reid
Data Analysis Roberto Vitillo
Privacy Sid Stamm
Legal Jishnu Menon


Out of date: