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The heart of Mozilla is people, and we are committed to being a diverse and inclusive community - one that invites in, and empowers everyone no matter their gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, ability, socioeconomic status or religion (or lack thereof).

We think of diversity as the mix of people, and inclusion as how we enable that diverse mix to work effectively together - to innovate and have impact on the mission we care so much about. We are building a diversity and inclusion strategy Communities and Contributors with the following goals:

  • We have a set of standards and frameworks that let us accurately understand the impact of our D&I interventions on the health of open source communities.
  • Through a set of processes, standards, and workflows embedded into their work, community managers, and project maintainers are successful in building more inclusive communities.
  • Mozilla is recognized as a leader in Diversity & Inclusion through collaborative approaches to building D&I in Open Source.


Projects and Repos

D&I in Open Source Community Calls

Future Calls

Would you like to nominate, or self-nominate a speaker for this call? Please use this form, or email eirwin at mozilla dot com

Past Calls

Community Participation Guidelines - Incident Response

Below are templates, and processes we've built (and are building for effective CoC incident response)

Blog Post on Process so Far (February 2018)


Diversity cpg-process.png at master · mozilla diversity - 2018-02-28 07.38.23.png



D&I Standards & Best Practices

2017 Research & Strategy Links

Blog Series

Event Links