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The heart of Mozilla is people, and we are committed to being a diverse and inclusive community - one that invites in, and empowers everyone no matter their gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, ability, socioeconomic status or religion (or lack thereof).

At Mozilla, we think of diversity as the mix of people, and inclusion as how we enable that diverse mix to work effectively together - to innovate and have impact on the mission we care so much about.

On the Open Innovation Team, we see our role helping elevate knowledge and leadership for D&I in Open Source as an opportunity to improve diversity in open source overall. Through collaboration and open knowledge sharing, 2019 will be about building bridges and surfacing critical problems and voices for the better of all open communities everywhere.


D&I in Open Communities - Call

Future Calls

Past Calls

Inclusion Resources

Assessment Tools

(Basic) Inclusive Governance Checklist A simple way to review your open source project for inclusive design.

Inclusive Leadership Principles Ensure your community leadership (or roles of influence) are setup for success.

Code of Conduct Assessment Tool Evaluate your Code of Conduct.

D&I Data & Metrics

All of Mozilla's D&I Data & Metrics works has been ported to the CHAOSS D&I Working Group, where we continue to collaborate. The working group holds weekly calls, details are in the [README https://github.com/chaoss/wg-diversity-inclusion/blob/master/README.md.

Code of Conduct Enforcement

Standards, Best Practices

Consequence Ladder How Mozilla issues consequences when our Code of Conduct (CPG) is violated.

Decision Making - Role Groups & RASCI How Mozilla make decisions in cases that are more complex, or span multiple stakeholders.

Incident Report Template How we track more complex investigation.

Triage Rules How we triage cases.

Communication Templates

Project and Initiative Repos

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2017 Research & Strategy Report

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