Diversity and Inclusion for Communities and Contributors/DI Call 08 01 2018

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August 1, 2018 - Inclusive Open Source Governance

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Welcome! This is our 5th D&I in Open Source Call. You can find past calls on our Youtube channel, and future calls listed on our main wiki page.

We look forward to seeing you!

Open Source Diversity Website!


Learn a bit about this fantastic initiative to surface events, projects, spaces and articles related to improving diversity & inclusion in open source.

Inclusive Open Governance

Through a poll to regular participants of this call, and mailing list discussion in the process of updating Mozilla's governance page (removing the word meritocracy to describe our governance model) we uncovered a need to speak more openly, regularly and in clear terms about how governance influences diversity.

Our two speakers have demonstrated passion, and leadership in this area - please welcome Jaice and Aaron to our call, below are the questions we'll be asking. We will also make room for more questions from attendees.


  1. Diversity and inclusion in FOSS is often an after-thought, with the burden of work by those most impacted. Do you have any examples of how governance can make inclusive practices more central to project goals and operation?
  2. To the extend that Open Source leaders (module owners, decision-makers, enablers, coordinators) are drawn from the population of contributors with either financial freedom, or organizational support from their employers, do you think grant systems, internships or similar can help surface more diverse leaders? Have you seen this happen?
  3. Mozilla recently released these Open Source Archetypes, which identifies different 'types' of projects - from those who are essentially building 'for themselves' (e.g. Rust developers building Rust - most tools in fact) vrs those who are building for others (e.g. Linux kernal building an OS to be widely distributed). Do you see a difference in how diversity and inclusion is and/or should be applied in these project 'archetypes' . ?
  4. Making Code of Conduct enforcement real, and trusted in open projects is a major hurdle. In part, because fear that long-time/established contributors who are core to development might be impacted. How do you deal with these types of fears (knowing those same people likely result in exclusion of others who might have equal or greater impact on a project).


We are very grateful to have such a knowledgeable leaders in the area of Inclusive Open Governance. We will ask these questions, and also make time for questions from attendees.

Speaker Bio
Jaice Singer Dumars
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Follow Jaice on Medium, or Twitter. Jaice is the Open Source Software Governance program manager at Google, Kubernetes lover, Saxophone player, hand-engraver of musical instruments.
Aaron Turon
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Follow Aaron on his blog, or on Twitter. Aaron leads the Rust core team;