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NEW! Drumbeat European discussion list was created. Sign up here: [1] .


This document explains detailed how we, the European Mozilla Community are thinking that Drumbeat should be planned and organized in Europe. This document may be modified in the next weeks.

What is Drumbeat?

Drumbeat is a new project of Mozilla, aiming to gather a worldwide community around Mozilla Mission (behind the code) in order to come with new ideas and build open technologies for the (open) web. More information: Mozilla Drumbeat Wiki page

Why Mozilla Drumbeat - Europe?

We consider that in Europe the Mozilla Mission is not very well understood. Through Drumbeat we would like to articulate more the Mozilla Mission and Mozilla story among the Europe. European public is different from the other cultures and we have been thinking that we need to adapt Drumbeat.

Who can participate?

Drumbeat Europe is open to everybody with an affinity for ideological aspects of Mozilla and, specific interest in Europe.


Following will be described the strategy of Drumbeat in Europe. Our aim is to gather people from all domains of interest: business/economy, computer science, politics, philosophy. We believe that the Mozilla mission is not well understood nor well articulated, even amongst the free software / liberalising IP community what are the battlegrounds?

what are we "for" and "against" ?

who are our allies and our enemies?

what does the Mozilla mission "look like"?

why is it (still) relevant?

what can people do to get involved?

Unless we answer these questions, Drumbeat is likely to only appeal to those who are already close to these issues and fail to create much support. Therefore, we think that first, Drumbeat needs to explore these issues, and be a central place for exploring these themes with interested parties, and to surface the threats and what activities people can take. Ultimately, Drumbeat needs to get to a stage where specific consumption choices (e.g. software you use, network operator you choose etc.) may be recommended.

Methods – grassroots campaigning

Promoting Mozilla Mission through grassroots campaigning, by involving actively people from a wide area of interests.

Blog Drumbeat EU - Exploring the Mozilla Mission during a year Planning [[2]]

This blog will contain original articles (content) written by people actively involved in the project and with an affinity for ideological aspects of Internet and Mozilla. The objective of Drumbeat_EU blog is widening and deepening our understanding of Mozilla's mission and to promote it. Articles will be published once a week.

Local Events

Another method is promoting Mozilla Mission/speaking about Open Internet at local events. (see Tomcat events with OpenOffice) During FOSDEM, organize a specific track on this topic.

Specific presentations We are thinking to create a Speaker Guide, to help people who want to speak about Mozilla Mission

Local and regional events in Europe

1)FOSDEM 2010 (4 - 7 February 2010, Brussels, Belgium);

[FOSDEM 2010 session (working session / Sunday's session)]

Other events

  • Open Source Meetups
    • a lot of people use Open Source Software like Firefox, OpenOffice.org, Gimp etc. As difference to closed-source Software, you can contribute to OpenSource Software in different Areas like in the Mozilla Project in QA, Support, Marketing and even Development. Mozilla and Openoffice.org are working on an Event that brings Open Source Projects together and connect People aside from the Information Highway (Email, IRC etc) . A Event for people involved in Open Source and also People with questions about Open Source and of course for people who want to get involved into Open Source. Events are now held monthly in Munich (contact tomcat for more information)

Become a Drum-beater

Join us here

Drumbeat Forum

In 2010 will take place Drumbeat Forum, a global event aimed to gather together all Drumbeat community and participants. The EU Drumbeat participants will be invited. During first 5 months of next year, we will try to identify possible topics for discussions.

Mozilla Mission/Manifesto Speaker's guide

Here will be detailed the Speaker's guide, aimed to help people and community members who want to present/speak about these topics at various local events. For each topic will be provided a different speaker's guide. The final objective, after year 2010 is to create a solid guide for presenting/speaking about Mozilla Mission (including Mozilla history and Manifesto).

People involved

Alina Mierlus

Patrick Finch

William Quiviger

Bogomil Shopov

Carsten Book

Carlo Frinolli

Davide Ferrante

Imke Bähr

Henrik Moltke