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Mozilla Drumbeat blog - Explore the Mozilla Manifesto

Mozilla Manifesto still represents the big “unknown” for people (even community members). So important but in the same time so incomprehensible. Mozilla Manifesto is an important step in order to understand Mozilla Mission. For that, people should first, go to read it and then understand it. The simple way to be understood is to explore and explain it. The main question is: how many community members speaks about Mozilla Mission at local events?

How many people are going to read the Mozilla Manifesto?

Answering at this questions, we observe that the interest of spreading Mozilla Manifesto is minimal, even it is essential in order to promote the Mozilla Mission among a large public, we are thinking to use it as “source code” for the European Drumbeat. During the last years, different people intended to Remix the Manifesto:



http://www.alinamierlus.com/2009/09/remixing_manifesto1/ After the Mozilla Manifesto Remix, from Prague, a wiki page was opened for this:


Identify the main 4 principles of Mozilla Manifesto To start the Drumbeat_EU activity (blog, events), we identified 4 main topics to be advocated during the first year of Drumbeat, 2010 (once for every season of the year).

Principle 1: Internet as a global, public resource

Looking back at the history of Internet, we realize that it has been build to be a public resource, accessible for everyone. Internet (and then, the web) is the common result of Free Software. The evolution of the Internet has been also represented challenges (new proprietary applications, data security issues etc.). How to make Internet to remain a public global resource for people, during the next years? Mozilla has been contributing on that by building new open technologies, by offering to all users the security they need when they are online. What global, public resource means? Internet is a global public resource through: interoperability, innovation and participation. Free software promotes the development of the Internet as a public resource. Why Mozilla is one of the most successful Free Software projects?

Principle 2: Individual's experience on the Internet

We all believe that Individual's experience on the Internet is very important. Every individual should shape his own experience on the web. For that, security (data security) and identity are two critical aspects. During the years, by developing open technologies and promoting participation, Mozilla has been offered to thousands individuals the possibility to learn and develop technologies and applications in order to enrich their own Internet experience.

Principle 3: Open Technologies

By developing web technologies, Mozilla is committed to maintain the web as it was in the beginning: accessible and open.

Principle 4: Community

Mozilla is a community driven project (as Mitchell Baker said, is an organization of people). Hundred of people are contributing every day to maintain the web open and accessible.

Articulate the principles during 2010 – method

Those principles will be discussed, promoted during the 2010 through the Drumbeat EU blog, events and presentations, discussions list, press etc. We will focus especially on Drumbeat EU blog, where, for every topic will be published articles from different individuals with a deep interest in Internet philosophy (as European Free Software advocates, Internet/technology evangelists, active contributors in various Free Software projects etc.) As described in the calendar, every topic will be disseminated during 3 months.