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Open Internet = Open Web

Contact: Mehan Jayasuriya [mehan@publicknowledge.org]
Hosts: Public Knowledge (and others)
Proposed 'space' or theme: ?
Status: ?


Open Internet = Open Web: We all love the open web and the opportunities for collaboration, education and knowledge exchange that it affords. However, too few of us recognize the importance of ensuring that the network itself remains open and accessible, in order to preserve the open web ecosystem. Conversely, those of us who devote our energies to the fight for an open, accessible Internet don't do nearly enough to involve our colleagues on the open web side. In this workshop, we'll brainstorm ideas for how the open Internet and open web communities can work together more closely for mutual benefit. Hosted by Public Knowledge.

What do you want to achieve? (goal)

To build relationships with members of the open web community, to share information and strategies and to develop a plan for how these two communities can work together more closely in the coming year.

Who should come? How many? For how long? (audience)

Anyone and everyone interested in net neutrality, activism, civic engagement, civic media, public policy and community building. Hoping for around 30 participants and an hour-long discussion.

What will they do when they get there? (activities)

Learn (about net neutrality, public policy, activism), teach (about the open web), share strategies and insights (about community building) and brainstorm ideas about how to bring together these interconnected sectors in order to effect change.

What will you / they have at the end? (outputs)

A better understanding of the above topics, opportunities to get involved and volunteer skills and time, contacts with whom to continue the conversation/collaboration in the months ahead.

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