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  • To refresh on the plan of record per Toronto's offsite, click here.

Schedule and Milestones


Q4 2011

  • Dec 2011: Feature Complete

Q1 2012

  • Jan 17 2012: String Freeze ==> Jan 30th
  • Jan 16 2012: First Run Walk-Through ==> TBD
  • Jan 30 2012: Beta Declare
  • Feb 27 2012: Public Announcement at Mobile World Congress
  • March 30 2012: Final Release

Milestone Status

Feature Complete

Status: 80%

Why 80%?


P0 and P1 features as listed during the Toronto work week are verified as fixed. This does not include sync; we are in day-for-day slip but actively testing try builds which include support for sync setup, bookmarks, and history.

[COMPLETE] bug 709339 - [meta] First functional drop of native Sync
[PENDING] bug 718493 - [meta] Aurora uplift preparation


Status: At Risk

Why At Risk?

We need the following features and bugs to be ready and of proven quality for our beta Audience prior to Beta Declare on January 31th: Tier 1

  1. Sync Set-Up, History, Passwords
  2. XUL Migration
  3. L10n
  4. Performance
  5. Stability (evaluate 2-3 days prior to beta)

Tier 2

  1. Font Inflation
  2. AMO Support
  3. P1 & P2 Assigned Bugs


  1. The Addons manager UI is in much too rough a state to ship as a beta there is work ongoing but we need the feature in a much more complete state before we are ok with shipping a beta
  2. Font inflation decision
  3. Deciding on a UA

Mobile World Congress Announcement

Status: Coming Soon

Final Release

Status: Coming Soon

Feature Status

P0 Features

Required prior to cutover to Nightly

  1. [COMPLETE]Tabs
  2. [COMPLETE]Reload
  3. [COMPLETE]Session History
  4. [COMPLETE]App Updates
  5. [COMPLETE]New Layout Manager <--there are remaining panning perf bugs to be fixed but general implementation is complete.

P1 Features

Needed prior to cutover to Beta

  1. [COMPLETE] Viewport Support (Support for Mobile Versions of Websites) 
  2. [COMPLETE] Awesome Bar
  3. [COMPLETE] Tabbed Browsing Support & Improved Design
  4. [COMPLETE] Set and Display Preferences
  5. [COMPLETE] Password Manager (Form Fill)
  6. [COMPLETE] Content Modal Dialog Prompt Support
  7. [COMPLETE] Download Notification, Progress, and Launch
  8. [COMPLETE] Native HTML5 Video Controls
  9. [COMPLETE] Secure Page Indication 
  10. [COMPLETE] History: Browsing and Bookmarking
  11. [COMPLETE] Content Permission Prompts (i.e. Geolocation)
  12. [COMPLETE] IME Support
  13. [IN PROGRESS] Font Inflation <-- checkpoint on 01/16
  14. [IN PROGRESS] - First functional drop of native Sync

P2 Features

We will not gate any milestones on the below

  1. [COMPLETE] Visual Indicators for Previously Visited Links
  2. [AT RISK] Incremental Decompression
  3. [COMPLETE] Telemetry for Mobile
  4. [COMPLETE] Sharing
  5. [COMPLETE] Site Security
  6. [IN PROGRESS] Touch Events
  7. [COMPLETE] Forward
  8. [IN PROGRESS] Add-Ons Manager
  9. [IN PROGRESS] Profile Migration Bug Fixes

Testing Status

  1. QA Top Bugs
  2. Functional Testing
  3. Performance Testing
  4. MTD Drivers Program