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Panning perf bug 695448 zooming perf bug 695449

  • cwiis, pcwalton
  • layout, gfx needed

Tabs bug 695152

Separate activity
some ui spec needed
risky. non-standard menu elements

Reload bug 695155Need Test Plan

Done but we need button assets/multiple states
ux needed

session history bug 695176

  • fixed

P1 (ranked order)

application updates bug 695699- P1

  • nightly builds are already being generated; need to generate snippets?
  • only needed for nightly/aurora
  • not required, but useful for testing/dogfooding
  • Need to turn on check for updates

Use android system backend for Awesome Bar data bug 695457 (blassey)

  • does the native scheme have a way to do Frequency

Visual Awesome Bar- bug 695307 (lucasr)

  • ux needed

meta viewport bug 694901 (mbrubeck)

  • Needs zooming to be implemented?
  • move implementation from /mobile to /widget?

bookmarking bug 695199 (kats)

  • add/list/remove
  • ux needed

preferences bug 694688 -(alexp)

  • back-end: alexp - addressing review comments
  • UX involvement needed

Default Android Browser Preferences bug 695458 (alexp)

  Text Size

   Default zoom (on page load)

   Open Pages in overview

   Text encoding 

   Block popups


   home page

   privacy settings

   enable geolocation

   remember passwords

password manager/form fill bug 695446 (mfinkle)

  • need a few more things from gcp/door hanger patch
  • ux needed

Prompt Dialogs bug 694455 (wesj)

  • Wesj is almost done.
  • Worry about java->gecko threading.
  • DO not want to block java thread

Download notifications bug 695461

  • Assigned from alexp to dougt per work week planning session
    * ux needed

html5 video controls bug 695455 (dolske)

  • UI controls needed -or- turn off html5 video

COLOR of url bar to reflect security state bug 695477 (lucasr)

  • ux needed

UI for handling <select> interaction bug 695485 - P1 History management bug 695201 -P1

  • Brad - convert sql stuff to native apis

door hangers bug 694672 - p1

  • gcp
  • UX involvement needed

P1- Platform and other related Work IME- masayuki and alexp? ext mem blowup-mossop l10n - Layout Transform API Jsreftest Fix Update Snippets Ts Expanded RSS Flash/Plugins- snorp JS ARM v6 davem, ted readibility, dbaron addons for testing[695187] -P1

  • re-enable xpi in toolkit
  • followup on the mossop 2.5MB rss mem usage issue

P2 (ranked order)

History, visited link styles: kats bug 695170

  • currently not support due to removing places db

Sharing bug 695177

  • java button

Search engines bug 695198

  • Some fix up for the url handler - move handler from CLH into browser.js
  • UI to allow user to change search provider (sqlite db)

Site security (larry) bug 695204

  • Steal what we use to do with
  • UI Needed
  • Use native popup window (see twitter app)

Touch events bug 695207

  • Move impl from mobile/ to widget/

Sync (bug 695463)

  • Use system service / new Account
    • Save history, bookmarks, passwords if possible in Fennec profile DBs
    • Syncing to Android built-in Browser database not in scope for 1.0.
    • Feature page.

Clean up mobile XPCOM components - p2

  • mbrubeck has a patch to remove unused components

Forward bug 695165 - p2

  • Done (back-end)
  • Stock browser has this in menu (under "more")
  • Need UX on where to put it.

P3 (ranked order)

find on page bug 695172 

P3 selection bug 695173

   * text selection and clipboard

download manager bug 695178

   *dicussed using system
   * if we do that, we can't share necko stack?
   *This Bug is specifically for management and progress view of downloads
  addons for users/devs bug 695191

  • need a plan - jetpack?

form history bug 695444

  • UI popup needed for auto-file

P4 (ranked order)

plugins bug 695452

  • click to play support
  • snorp

camera bug 695453

context menus bug 695460- wesj

   Content menus (copy/share text, links and images from a webpage)

   Chrome menus

move source code to a new directory - p4

  • need to be able to co-exist on m-c with XUL Fennec
  • move JS code from /mobile to ???
  • move app-specific Java code from /embeding/android to ???


Tablet UI bug 695464

Removing xul bug 695469