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MozFest is Mozilla's annual festival for the people who care about the culture, mechanics and citizenship of the web.
October 24 - 26, 2014 | London, UK

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  • Space Wrangler and Facilitators: Please update the demo page


  1. Make things with the tools Mozilla and others are creating
  2. Learn who is building what, how we can share and help each other
  3. Blend a year of events into a sustained webmaking party
  4. Design the things we want to build next, especially for mobile
  5. Coach leaders who want to invent, teach and organize.


Upcoming Dates

  • February 18: Save the Date. Dates and location announced
  • April 15: Space Wranglers and themes identified
  • June 25: Festival site relaunch when Call for Proposals and Registration opens
  • August 22: Close Call for Proposals
  • August - September: Facilitator calls
  • September 30: Draft schedule ready
  • July - November: Mozpubs in London
  • October 24 - 26: Mozfest!

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  • Suggestions? Email
  • Themes for 2014
  • Build and Teach the Web Keep the web wild through hands-on making with innovative tools and teaching the web as a community.
  • Open Web With Things Escape the limitations of your computer and build the web using sensors, circuits and good old paper and scissors.
  • Web in Your Pocket Explore opportunities in the booming world of the open web on mobile. How can we experiment & tinker to customize our own experience on our phones?
  • Source Code for Journalism Design next-generation web solutions to solve critical issues facing news organizations and help journalism thrive on the open web.
  • Open Science and the Web Examine the potential of the open web to re-define how we experiment, analyze and share scientific knowledge.
  • Art and Culture of the Web An exploration of the programs, practices and inspirations of open and networked digital art forms.
  • Open Badges Lab Challenge the conventional system of recognizing skills and learning. Celebrate achievements from Open Badge creators and issuers.
  • Hive Learning Networks Join this lab for people working on building local city learning networks (Hives) and how they can better globally connect to share learning experiences for youth and digital media.
  • Musicians and Music Creators on the Open Web Play a role and explore what it takes to make music on the open web.
  • Policy & Advocacy Privacy, Security, and Building the Movement to protect the free and open web
  • Open Data Uncover the data on the web and in our world that will help us better inform and organize our communities.
  • Anticipated Participants

    Nesta, Nominet Trust, MIT Media Lab, Telefonica, Knight Foundation, Sloan Foundation, Internet Archive, US Department of Energy, The Guardian, Chicago Tribune, La Nacion, New York Times, Boston Globe, BBC, Spiegel, ZEIT Online, NPR, WNYC,, Goldsmiths University, Dundee University, Ravensbourne College, Imperial College, CDOT, Google, BlackGirlsCode, Mozilla Reps, WebFWD, Creative Commons, P2PU, Shuttleworth Foundation, CERN, National Writing Project, Hive NYC and Hive Chicago, CodeClub, GoCodery, Decoded, TinkerCAD, LA Makerspace, Open Knowledge Foundation, Craftyy, Mind Candy, Eyebeam, Tate, London Zoo, Web Foundation, Zeega.

    All making the web they want.

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    • Festival Producer: Sarah Allen
    • Festival Director: Michelle Thorne
    • Festival Curator: Misty Avira
    • Festival Co-designer and MC: Gunner
    • Website and Comms: StudioMoFo
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Spike
    • Sponsorship Lead: Ben Moskowitz



    • Confirm main venue
    • Design update requested
    • Save the Date sent


    • Mozfest team in place
    • Festival vision + goals published
    • New festival CSS deployed on site


    • Determine main festival formats
    • Site visit


    • Mozfest team meet up and roles identified
    • Draft schedule online (not agenda, just tent poles)
    • Engage Suppliers
    • Draft a guide to What makes for a Good Proposal


    • Space Wranglers nominated
    • Determine session formats
    • Tracks identified
    • Start regular blog posting
    • Determine post-festival arc
    • Sponsorship search begins
    • Call for Proposals and Registration opens on new website
    • Book hotel


    • Kick off local events (Mozpubs)
    • Recruit volunteers
    • Track and review all sessions submitted
    • Draft key notes and nominate speakers
    • Personal invitations sent out to k


    • Call for Proposals ends and successful faciliators notified
    • Planning meetings with all facilitators and Space Wranglers
    • Initial draft of space use
    • Documentation team in place (photography, video, media tent)


    • All facilitator and staff travel booked
    • All sub-contracted services finalized, inc. catering, printing, transport, AV, etc.
    • H&S documentation received from all sub-contracted services where applicable
    • Finalized space layouts, inc. AV
    • Detailed agenda 90% complete


    • All materials printed
    • Volunteer training
    • Press conference
    • Facilitator briefing


    • Evaluation


    • Relax!