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Plenary item

  • #embraceOpen Video

The Mobile Web demos

Making payments with Webmaker App

  • Demo'ed by: Stellar; Erik

Dhiresh's Appmaker game

Appmaker for Citizen Science

Chatting and Fun with Mesh Networks

  • Demo'ed by Alan + Tom

Community Building

View Source Community Code Wall

Collaborate on a Community Building Handbook

Using a Spectrogram for Stakeholder Mapping and Power Analysis

How can people get in touch? (Your website, Twitter handle or other URL)


New York Times 7-Minute Workout App: Firefox OS Edition

New-School Maps and Dataviz with WebGL


Morse of Will

  • private, secret Morse code messaging for journalists with Firefox OS
  • @erikhinton

Piratebox v2.0

OpenNews Concierge

  • @aboutaaron, @frnsys

Satellite raster data & Losing Ground Louisiana Project


Hive House

  • This project is an initiative to encourage people to run Hive events even when cost is a barrier. Use parks, free spaces and donated materials to make digital literacy learning a reality. Run events even if you are lacking computers or devices.
  • tinyurl.com/hivehouse or umesh.makes.org/popcorn/2e2u
  • #hivebuzz @umesh_agarwal1

Movable Game Jam + Appmaker

  • At Mozfest, we involved a series of activities and discussions around Movable Game Jams - a collaborative movement started in NY and slowly spreading like wildfire - to explore "Ideas in planning" and "Cache of game design platforms" (AppMaker) on the game jam guide. Yes? Yes!
  • bit.ly/gamejamguide
  • http://discourse.webmaker.org/category/maker-party/mozfest

Hive Pledge

  • Nearly 100 Hive members and Hive-curious guests joined the MozFest 2014 Global Hive Meetup where they participated and in a 3-part Action Incubator series to 1) identify challenges and opportunities in their communities, 2) source solutions through a "Firestarter" rapid prototyping exercise, and 3) get a 360-degree view with feedback and a commitment pledge to keep the conversation (and work) going. That's the very spirit of Hive.
  • https://storify.com/juliavallera/hive-global-meet-up

Digital Divide

  • How do we have access to connected learning? This project explored building an unbreakable internet, realizing areas where we can do without needing the internet, taking help from government or other community organizations for connectivity and accessibility of the internet, and having offline versions of cool online teaching tools - Cool teaching tools like webmaker tools should also have offline versions available.
  • https://priyanka.makes.org/thimble/MTk3MTU4NTI4MA==/maker-party-event-reporter
  • @prinag

Hive Partnerships

Hive Parents

Build and Teach the Web

Learning Guides for Community Makers

  • This project helps organizers plan ideas for creative technology and making for young people in their community
  • http://youthcivictech.mit.edu
  • @erhardt; erhardt@media.mit.edu

Urban Mining

  • This project helps learners learn what's inside our tech and the sustainability implications of our use of devices.
  • http://therestartproject.org
  • @restartproject

Hacking the Gender Gap

#ARTOFWEB [A r t + C u l t u r e o f t h e W e b]

Redesign Your Cultural Heritage

  • This project helps learners make or learn [_x_] by ..."connecting digital cultural heritage to communities of designers and artists who wish to use open cultural content -- data, pictures, sound, videos -- as inspiration and sources for new derivative works, such as animations and films, media art and installations, textile patterns, and other design artefacts.
  • http://redesignyourculture.tumblr.com/
  • @eCreativeEU -- we are Sanna Marttila, Neea Laakso, Kati Hyyppä (Aalto University), Christina Holm (Spild af Tid ApS) and James Morley (Europeana)

ART EXHIBIT: "When we awoke to our folly, it was too late"

  • This project helps learners make or learn by providing context for understanding complex issues around the private ownership of web services. This exhibit has been an interactive digital scavenger hunt for participants -- one set in a world where all communication on the Internet is controlled by private companies.
  • #TrueEqualizers
  • artist is @ossington - ginger coons

BLOCKTYPE: Designing A Font with Minecraft

  • This project helps learners make or learn [_x_] by providing an unusual interface for learning, drawing and editing fonts in a participatory way: Minecraft! Type design tools have been historically specialized and complicated, and usually restricted to learned practitioners. With Blocktype, we proposed a new experimental viewpoint over the font design process. We try to flip the solemnity and seriousness of type design by using this retro font editor.
  • http://manufacturaindependente.com/blocktype/

Fuzzy Championed Demos

Mozilla Web Compatibility Team

  • WebCompat.com
  • @webcompat on Twitter, #webcompat on Mozilla IRC server


Text as data: NLTK for the digital humanities

Open Science Skills Map

  • Billy Meinke and Fabiana Kubke (Creative Commons)

Hacking Government Data with the IPython Notebook