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Today’s meeting leader is: johannh

General Topics / Roundtable

  • [mconley] Wow, what a weekend! Everybody okay?

    • Your safety and mental health matters. Seriously. If you received threatening messages during the armagaddon, you should reach out to

    • If you worked over the weekend please take it easy this week.

      • Special thanks to all of the people who gave up their weekends to help get our users out of this jam!
  • [mconley] Another dot release is being developed to take care of some edge-cases that weren’t handled in the 66.0.4 update

    • Users with certain AV software, and users with the Master Password enabled seem to be affected

    • [jaws] merge day is being pushed to Wednesday

  • [mconley] Who is on point to make sure this meeting works in a new Zoom-enabled world?

    • [Mossop] I’m just chatting with AVOPS about that, I can take it, just want to know when we’d want to make the switchover.

      • Next meeting is fine
  • [johannh] Outreachy interns for this summer have been announced:

    • Mozilla is mentoring 8 students this round

    • Thank you to everyone mentoring

  • [sfoster GSoC too! Best link I can find is this one
  • [jaws] Lightning Talks submissions for Whistler deadline is Friday

Friends of the Firefox team


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Chris Frey [:nautilus]
  • Florens Verschelde :fvsch
  • Kestrel
  • lloan:[lloanalas]
  • Mohd Umar Alam [:umaralam48]
  • Neha
  • Tim Nguyen :ntim

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Activity Stream

Add-ons / Web Extensions




  • Rebranding going on this week.
  • The team is working on polishing the extension for an initial release and then integrating the extension into desktop Firefox.

Firefox Accounts

  • Janice is putting together a structure for the FxA and App Services documentation hub 📕
  • Ed and Vlad are finalizing the sign-in UX for Fenix, our next-generation Android browser 🚦
  • Ed landed Rust APIs for FxA device registration and New Send Tab. Grisha is working on integrating this into Android Components so that Fenix can use it 📑

Sync and Storage

  • Last month, we had a program review of the Rust sync and storage components. Check it out if you’re curious what we’ve been up to, where we are today, and where we’re going! 👓
  • Mark has an RFC for a sync manager in Rust, to orchestrate syncing of multiple data types 🔄
  • Thom landed code to import Firefox for iOS bookmarks into the Rust bookmarks component. The next iOS release will use the bookmarks component, and offer bookmark editing! 🔖
  • Ed is continuing to migrate our crypto backend to NSS 🔒
  • Lina has been working on adding telemetry for Android and iOS 🔍, and enabled the new bookmark sync by default in Nightly and Beta 📚


  • Push for internal Mozilla consumers (New Send Tab, FxA verification) is coming to Fenix! 📣

Browser Architecture

  • RKV conversions have been rolled back for now while we investigate issues migrating from 32-bit to 64-bit builds.
  • browser.html conversion ready to go but waiting until the next cycle.

    • May mean issues uplifting patches in rare cases.

  • Fluent cache for chrome documents ready to land.

    • Currently means changes made by DOM mutations do not necessarily trigger fluent updates.

Developer Tools

(I’ll remove embedded images after the meeting and keep only links)


  • Bug 1517728 - Export console output to file (Jefry Lagrange)
  • Console & Network Monitor: Copy as Fetch + Use in console (Bug 1540054)
  • Bug 1093953 - Console CSS errors should give a selector where the error is happening

    • When CSS warnings are displayed in the console, you can now expand them (like a console group) to reveal all the DOM nodes that this warning applies to. So it allows you to jump from a CSS warning in the console directly to the inspector. screenshot link


  • Work on DOM & Event breakpoints started
  • Progress with captured stacks for various errors appearing in the Console panel (for web developers) or Browser Console window (for browser + addon developers).


Remote Debugging

  • DevTools shortcuts now supported in about:devtools-toolbox (bug)
  • Favicons and user friendly titles for about:debugging and about:devtools-toolbox (bug) screenshot link




Password Manager


Performance tools

  • Welcoming Raj Meghpara, our new GSoC student! He's going to work on Instruments import support for Firefox Profiler.
  • Network tooltips are now displayed as soon as the line is hovered.
  • The publishing flow has been streamlined (ux issue)


New look of publish panel in Firefox Profiler with inverted checkboxes

  • More tools in the web console:


List of available profiler information in the console

  • MOZ_PROFILER_HELP env variable gives help to profile Firefox startup.


Policy Engine


Search and Navigation


Quantum Bar:

  • Quantum Bar is enabled by default in Firefox 68 🎉🎉🎉
  • Still working on a few remaining bugs
  • Designing and discussing WebExtension APIs for the first experiment

User Experience

This week I learned