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Firefox Desktop Search and Navigation Team

The purpose of this team is to maintain, improve and innovate on the functions of the Firefox frontend around search and navigation. Firefox surface areas that the team often works with are the location bar, the search bar, the library and related preference panes.


  • Marco Bonardo (:mak)
  • Drew Wilcoxon (:adw)
  • Florian Queze (:florian)
  • Mark Banner (Standard8)
  • K Lars Lohn (:lars)
  • Paolo Amadini (:paolo)
  • Javaun Moradi (:javaun)
  • Shilpi Gupta (:shilpi)
  • Panos Astithas (:past)


Team Meeting

Day of week Pacific Time Eastern Time UTC Central European Time
Mondays 10:00AM - 10:30AM 1:00PM - 1:30PM 6:00PM - 6:30PM 7:00PM - 7:30PM
  • Frequency: One meeting per week on Monday.
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Vidyo Room: searchmeeting
  • IRC: #fx-search, #fx-team
  • Mailing list: firefox-dev


Bugzilla components don't tend to align properly with project boundaries, so this team is monitoring bugs across a number of components that contain the whiteboard tag [fxsearch]. Common components of interest are Firefox:Location bar, Firefox:Search, Toolkit:Places and more.

Selecting a New Bug for the Current Release

  1. Select any 'P1' bug which is currently unassigned and not blocked on a dependency. If no 'P1' bugs are available then select from the available 'P2' bugs, and so on.
  2. Add the following if not already present:
  • [fxsearch] whiteboard tag.
  • QE verification flag.

Adding a New Bug to the Backlog

  1. Add the [fxsearch] whiteboard tag.
  2. Set the bug as a dependency of a user story bug or a meta bug if applicable.
  3. The bug priority will be set during the Weekly Meeting:
  • 'P1': Must Have - development occurring in the current release.
  • 'P2': Should Have - targeted for next release.
  • 'P3': Could Have - planned for development in an upcoming release.
  • 'P5': Will Have - not scheduled for any particular release, patches accepted.

Submitting a Bug for Triage

  1. Add the [fxsearch] whiteboard tag.
  2. Leave the priority field empty (--).


Collection of work waiting for the team to review and determine if it should be included in the Product Backlog - View in Bugzilla

ID Summary Status Whiteboard Keywords Assigned to
1406544 cookies sent along with query suggestions request. UNCONFIRMED [fxsearch] privacy

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Current Release

P1: Must Have - development occurring in the current release - View in Bugzilla

Duration: Thursday September 21 - Monday November 13

ID Summary Status Whiteboard Keywords Assigned to
1356532 Try avoiding layout flushes in autocomplete::_handleOverflow ASSIGNED [fxsearch] [reserve-photon-performance] Kris Maglione [:kmag] (long backlog; ping on IRC if you're blocked)
1376149 Regression: poor performance when deleting an item from history ASSIGNED [fxsearch] regression Marco Bonardo [::mak]
1381427 [photon] Result width should always be constrained by the width of the location bar ASSIGNED [fxsearch] :Paolo Amadini
1402286 chunk notifyResults calls so that we don't run all the autocomplete js for each match NEW [fxsearch] perf
1403829 YouTube icon doesn't look good in Firefox NEW [fxsearch]
1404267 make Places Async Transactions ride the train to beta 58. NEW [fxsearch] Mark Banner (:standard8)
1404631 Firefox 56: "Unable to process the backup file" without any details on what's wrong ASSIGNED [fxsearch] Marco Bonardo [::mak]
1405242 Improve performance of bookmarks batch operations with Async Transactions NEW [fxsearch] nightly-community, perf, regression, topperf
1405625 Verify if Places nsIURI constraints are satisfied NEW [fxsearch]
1406234 Set browser.urlbar.maxHistoricalSearchSuggestions value to 0 for 57/photon REOPENED [fxsearch] Panos Astithas [:past] (please ni?)
1409069 browser_library_batch_delete.js and browser_library_commands.js fail on linux64 when run on multi-core machines NEW [fxsearch]
1409363 Can't move bookmarks in library ASSIGNED [fxsearch] dataloss, regression Mark Banner (:standard8)
1409450 Add a UI setting to allow users to choose History Results or Search Results first in the Awesome Bar. NEW [fxsearch]
1409491 Ship 0.9.5 addon on Firefox 56 via Go Faster NEW [fxsearch]
1410457 Schema migration may mark the database as corrupt due to a SQLITE_BUSY error. ASSIGNED [fxsearch] Marco Bonardo [::mak]

15 Total; 15 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Current Release: Completed

View in Bugzilla

ID Summary Status Whiteboard Keywords Assigned to Priority
910207 Speculative connections should prevent Client Certificate Selection dialog RESOLVED [necko-active][fxsearch] Valentin Gosu [:valentin] P1
1094864 Convert mochitest-browser tests in browser/components/places to Bookmarks.jsm API RESOLVED [fxsearch] Mark Banner (:standard8) P2
1095427 Convert BookmarkHTMLUtils code to the new Bookmarks.jsm API RESOLVED [reserve-photon-performance][qf:p3][fxsearch] perf Mark Banner (:standard8) P1
1347532 The page-icon protocol should default to the best size for most UI views RESOLVED [fxsearch] Marco Bonardo [::mak] P1
1356758 Intermittent browser/modules/test/browser/browser_UsageTelemetry_urlbar.js | Test timed out - RESOLVED [stockwell fixed][fxsearch] intermittent-failure Marco Bonardo [::mak] P1
1357523 When searching using the field on about:newtab with alternative search engine, Firefox searches highlighted suggestion instead of typed text VERIFIED [fxsearch] ux-control :prathiksha P2
1364329 Intermittent browser/components/places/tests/browser/browser_toolbarbutton_menu_context.js | New bookmark item shouldn't be disabled - RESOLVED [fxsearch] intermittent-failure Neil Deakin P2
1367790 Remove Search Suggestions notification opt-in code RESOLVED [fxsearch] Marco Bonardo [::mak] P2
1382966 [meta] Improve performance of bookmarks batch operations with Async Transactions VERIFIED [fxsearch] meta, nightly-community, perf, regression, topperf P5
1386513 Copy & paste Bookmark will fail between 2 instance of browser VERIFIED [parity-chrome][fxsearch] regression, reproducible, ux-consistency Mark Banner (:standard8) P2
1392533 Make the view directly communicate batches to the result RESOLVED [fxsearch] Mark Banner (:standard8) P1
1399879 Remove from history when right-clicking a download in the download button list is slow to act RESOLVED [mozfr-community][fxsearch] nightly-community Marco Bonardo [::mak] P1
1400846 Bookmark ordering -- folders or BM VERIFIED [fxsearch] regression Mark Banner (:standard8) P2
1401777 Favicons looking bad in Nightly 57 RESOLVED [fxsearch] regression Marco Bonardo [::mak] P1
1401851 Yahoo favicon / rich-icon is black RESOLVED [fxsearch] regression Marco Bonardo [::mak] P1
1402059 TypeError: can't redefine non-configurable property "gEditItemOverlay" when opening the library window on Mac (lots of menu items enabled when they should be disabled) RESOLVED [fxsearch] regression Mark Banner (:standard8) P1
1402178 Title and urls get cropped with overflow ellipses at strange places when results updates VERIFIED [fxsearch] regression Marco Bonardo [::mak] P1
1402272 Evaluate a different approach for adjustSiteIconStart RESOLVED [fxsearch] perf Drew Willcoxon :adw (Away at the moment) P1
1402373 Slack's red badge favicon is shown for no reason and then isn't cleared when all messages are read RESOLVED [fxsearch] qawanted, regression Marco Bonardo [::mak] P1
1402489 Allow "switch to tab" to move the target tab into the current window RESOLVED [fxsearch] Nika Layzell [:mystor] (busy til. Oct 17) P5
1402555 deleting history from urlbar completion list doesn't work VERIFIED [fxsearch] regression Marco Bonardo [::mak] P1
1402896 Specially-crafted JavaScript may be pasted into the address bar VERIFIED self-xss mitigation bypass [fxsearch] csectype-other, sec-low :Gijs (blocked reviews; no response to ni until Nov 2 (PTO)) P1
1403071 Suggestions in the address bar drop down are sometimes not aligned RESOLVED [fxsearch] nightly-community, regression Drew Willcoxon :adw (Away at the moment) P2
1403486 Convert some xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks to Bookmarks.jsm API RESOLVED [fxsearch] Mark Banner (:standard8) P1
1403494 Remove runInBatchMode from the tagging service RESOLVED [fxsearch] Mark Banner (:standard8) P1
1403508 Some sites' favicon is not displayed as bookmarks/history icon RESOLVED [fxsearch] regression Marco Bonardo [::mak] P1
1403781 Search suggestions in address bar are not aligned correctly if there is no toolbar icon / spacer to the left of the addressbar RESOLVED [fxsearch] Drew Willcoxon :adw (Away at the moment) P1
1404126 followonsearch-fs takes significant amount time when opening a new tab RESOLVED [fxsearch] Mark Banner (:standard8) P1
1404206 Needs discussion about inputmode value of Smart Location Bar RESOLVED [fxsearch][triage] inputmethod Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (JST, +0900)(offline: 10/17 and 10/23) --
1404578 test_async_batchUpdatesForNode.js should be under browser/ not toolkit/ RESOLVED [fxsearch] Mark Banner (:standard8) P1
1405317 Restoring bookmarks from json files ignores lastModified for bookmarks with an annotation RESOLVED [fxsearch] regression Mark Banner (:standard8) P1
1405722 Remove IsLivemark() from PlacesUIUtils RESOLVED [fxsearch] perf Marco Bonardo [::mak] P2
1406234 Set browser.urlbar.maxHistoricalSearchSuggestions value to 0 for 57/photon REOPENED [fxsearch] Panos Astithas [:past] (please ni?) P1
1406509 [RTL] Search results are truncated and left aligned in RTL languages VERIFIED [fxsearch] regression, rtl :Paolo Amadini P1
1407164 JavaScript strict warning: Bookmarks.jsm, line 1529: reference to undefined property "source" when running xpcshell-tests RESOLVED [fxsearch] Mark Banner (:standard8) P2
1409771 promiseBookmarksNotification doesn't handle skipDescendantsOnItemRemoval/skipTags in the observer it creates RESOLVED [fxsearch] Mark Banner (:standard8) P3
1410005 browser_searchEngine_behaviors.js fails on artifact builds RESOLVED [fxsearch] Panos Astithas [:past] (please ni?) P1

37 Total; 1 Open (2.7%); 28 Resolved (75.68%); 8 Verified (21.62%);

Completed Releases

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