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Work with the Jetpack team to implement a core set of modules. This is currently looking like JEPs 102 - 116, over releases 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5.


IN FLIGHT In development for the 0.7 release.


  • Lead: Dietrich
  • Members: Drew, Paul, Felipe, Marco

SDK Release Details



  • 0.6 - SHIPPED
  • 0.7 - IN PROGRESS
  • 0.8 - PLANNED


  • Help Labs implement modules for JEPs 102 - 116.
  • Bonus goal: Drive code reviews core Jetpack code (bug 551311)
  • Late-quarter bonus goal: Aid E10S transition



Date Milestone Status Notes


Date Milestone Status Notes
Fri Apr 09 JEPs selected, owners found, estimates given [DONE]
Fri Apr 16 (0.3 freeze on 20th) Drew mostly finished with Context Menu module [DONE] Made 0.4
Fri Apr 23 Paul finishes Private Browsing module [MISSED] Made 0.4
Felipe finishes Page Worker module [MISSED] Made 0.4
Fri Apr 30 Dietrich finishes SingleUI Pt1 [MISSED] Made 0.4
Fri May 07 Marco finishes Places module [MISSED] Missed 0.4
Paul finishes Request module [MISSED] Missed 0.4
Fri May 14 (0.4 freeze on 18th) Dietrich finishes Lifecycle module [MISSED] Missed 0.4
Fri May 21 Drew finishes Storage module [DONE] Made 0.4 (!)
Fri May 28
Fri Jun 04 Dietrich finishes Tabs module [MISSED] Made 0.5
Paul finishes Request module [MISSED] Made 0.5
Fri Jun 11 Drew finishes Lifecycle module [DONE] Made 0.5
Fri Jun 18 (0.5 freeze)
Fri Jun 25


Jetpack's architecture under versions 0.8 and earlier (now called the Jetpack Prototype) is being phased out for a new architecture called the Jetpack SDK. Check the SDK docs and wiki for details, but briefly, the differences between the two:

  • The Jetpack SDK is a framework for making (traditional) extensions.
  • "Jetpacks" produced under the SDK are actually XPIs. They're real extensions. Under the Prototype they were single JS files.
  • Since jetpacks are now extensions, it no longer makes sense to say "I made a jetpack." It's more like, "I made an extension using Jetpack."
  • Jetpack itself is no longer an extension. It no longer makes sense to say, "I installed Jetpack."
  • The SDK is basically a toolchain, runtime, and API -- a framework.
  • The SDK is very loosely integrated with Firefox. The runtime is bundled in each XPI. Aside from changes required to support the SDK's high-level APIs, the runtime doesn't require any significant changes to Firefox or Gecko. A (re)loadable extension mechanism is being worked on, but it's like icing on the cake.
  • The SDK has a security model, the Prototype didn't.
  • Roughly speaking, there are two layers of APIs under the SDK. There's a low-level, chrome-privileged layer that wraps the platform. And there's a high-level, secure, low surface area, and friendly layer that builds on the lower. It's the higher layer that might be thought of as "the Jetpack API," but it's entirely possible to use the lower to build an extension.
  • The Bespin IDE of the Prototype will be replaced with a contracted-out in-browser IDE called "FlightDeck." (Maybe you've heard of it?) FlightDeck provides a nice UI to the SDK's toolchain. It will be available as a Web app.

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