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Land the rest of the high-level APIs in the initial set (JEPs 102-116). Land support for electrolysis, including necessary API updates.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, May 24 Tuesday, May 25 late breaking blockers for 0.4 held this back a day
Freeze Tuesday, June 15 (11:59pm PDT) Tuesday, June 15
RC1 Wednesday, June 16 Thursday, June 17 a few testing issues took us an extra day to resolve
RC2 Friday, June 18 respin to take bug 572977
RC3 Monday, June 21 respin to take bug 573152, bug 573428, bug 573429
Final Wednesday, June 23 Thursday, June 24 we were ready to release by Wednesday afternoon, but our IT guy (responsible for pushing the website changes) was in a marathon meeting that didn't let out until after he had to leave work, so we rescheduled for first thing in the morning on Thursday

Status: Released: 2010-06-24


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
update page-worker, widget APIs to be E10S-compatible Brian P2 bug 569479 bug 569481 [MISSED]
marking chrome-authority-needing packages and dropping chrome privileges for the rest Brian P1 bug 572020 [MISSED] Atul suggested we land this early in 0.6; Myk concurred
Page Mods API Nickolay P1 JEP 107 bug 546739 [MISSED] still working through some e10s-compat issues
Single UI Element (Addon Bar) API - Phase 2 Dietrich P1 JEP 102, bug 568932  ??? boriss has blog post in the works with details/design; blocked on that; few if any major changes needed to SDK; Myk doesn't know how to describe status of this
extension auto-detection Dietrich P2 JEP 102.1 [MISSED] Dietrich discovered issues while prototyping, will talk to Atul.
Tabs API Dietrich P1 JEP 110 bug 549317 [DONE]
docs clean-up, canonicalization Noelle P1 bug 560656 [MISSED] some canonicalization done, some not done
Panel API Myk P1 JEP 103, bug 494238 [MISSED] much progress, but patch is still WIP
Request API Paul P1 JEP 109, bug 547091 [DONE]
app compatibility handling Atul P2 bug 564023 [MISSED] Atul reviewed Luca's patch; some issues remain; Luca to respond re: an issue
Docs restructuring phase 2 (reorganize, update tutorial) Noelle P2 bug 565204 [MISSED] Daniel to check in with Noelle about it
Lifecycle API Drew P1 JEP 105, bug 549324 [DONE]
Localization API gandalf P1 JEP 113, bug 549315 [DONE]
Selection API Eric Jung P1 JEP 111, bug 547092 [DONE]
document SDK search path Atul P2 bug 556582 [DONE]