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Firefox Screenshots is a new browser feature for taking, downloading, collecting and sharing screenshots. Firefox Screenshots will launch as a feature during the Firefox 55 timeframe, and will remain under active development for the foreseeable future. We will use the Beta label until we are satisfied that we have resolved all outstanding questions about app quality, performance, long term shipping/updating mechanisms, and browser integration. It was originally deployed through Test Pilot as an experiment.


Firefox Screenshots will be the best browser feature for capturing, saving, collecting and sharing web content. We will build Firefox Screenshots in line with our core values of commitment to quality, user choice, open development, and community accessible tooling.


  • Make Firefox Screenshot the best tool for saving, recovering and sharing content on the web in any browser.
  • Making a tool that delights with its simplicity and amazes with its capabilities.
  • Drive awareness of Firefox, Mozilla, and our non-profit mission for beyond Firefox.
  • Lead by example in the Firefox organization by developing, shipping, marketing and managing a feature that moves Firefox beyond the browser without compromising the core Firefox experience or core Mozilla principles.


  • Commitment to user choice: User choice is at the center of what we do. To wit, we want to give users a choice over how they use Screenshots (download and save), if they contribute data (via Health Report check) and whether they choose to enable the feature at all (enable/disable).
  • Commitment to public development: Like the broader Firefox org, our team is dedicated to development in the open. We will document decisions publicly, solicit and triage user feedback, and encourage community contribution to the Screenshots project. Please see the resources section below to find our Wiki pages.
  • Commitment to quality: We believe that Firefox should be a platform that provides industry best tooling for navigating the web, and we will ensure Screenshots meets this high standard.
  • Commitment to community tooling: We will build screenshots with the same WebExtensions technologies as our add-on developer community. When we hit limits with the WebExtensions APIs we will propose and shepard (and, if necessary, implement) changes that benefit the entire developer community.


PMM: Kirby Fowle Engineering: Ian Bicking, Danny Coates, Donovan Preston
Legal/Privacy: Elvin Lee, Brian Smith, Marshall Erwin Product: John Gruen
Measurements: Rob Rayborn, Ilana Segal, Gareth Cull, Matt Grimes Program: Mahe Potharaju
Ops: Travis Blow, Daniel Thorn Eng. Management: Wil Clouser
Security: Julien Vehent, Selena Quality Assurance: Peter deHaan, SoftVision (Paul Oiegas, Cosmin Muntean)
Add-ons support: Andy Mckay User Research: Sharon Bautista
Release management: Ritu User Experience: Morpheus Chen, Mark Liang, Fang Shih, Helen Huang