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  • Developing the core of Firefox OS is too hard
  • Gaia does not have a supported development environment
  • Contributor first-time experience is poor
  • Navigating the dev->test->review process is too hard for contributors


  • Vibrant and engaged development community, invested in the success of Firefox OS
  • Clear and managed developer pathway for new contributors
  • Supported and clearly documented development environment for Gaia
  • An F5-style developer workflow for Gaia
  • Tight Feedback loop from Contributors to core developers so we can continually improve our pathways

Non-Goals (yet!)

  • Improving Gecko contribution pathways
  • Improving Gonk contribution pathways


Phase 0 (complete in August 2015)

  • Start hiring process for a dedicated community manager for fxos code contributions. STATUS: Asked Faramarz about headcount, no commitment to hiring at this time.
  • Form team of Gaia engineers who will spend dedicated time on this project. STATUS: Gregor/mhenretty discussing with mobile managers, got the peoples. Next steps: down below, get them tooled up and on-call schedule.
  • MDN document review: Ensure existing docs are correct. STATUS: Gaia team to did a first-pass on the main contribution docs. Existing docs are good, even the architecture bits.
  • Start regular triage of UX items to unblock and open up design issues STATUS: Tif is doing weekly triage sessions w/ the UX team, Dietrich is joining.
  • Begin discussion about Gaia dev environment STATUS: owned by the Jonas Task Force
  • Design a plan for re-opening Github issues STATUS: Ongoing, moving to Phase 1 for completion. See below.
  • Design a Flame-for-patches-landed program STATUS: Not as many Flames as first thought. Instead, going to give out at events, identified contributors. dietrich posted to b2g-internal and we now have a large number of Flames shipping out to contributors.

Phase 1

  • Create Gaia contribution pathway page: Single page with sequential steps from zero to patch-landed. STATUS: Dietrich started outline, solicited input from Gaia team. Working with MDN to get collapsible content areas added to the site. Once that's working, can fill it in.
  • Identify automate-able contributor activity monitoring. STATUS: not done, next on dietrich's list
  • Identify developer papercuts
  • Get feedback from existing contributors (arroway)
  • Merge dev-gaia and dev-b2g mailing lists into (mhenretty)
  • Merge #gaia and #b2g IRC channels (mhenretty)
  • Figure out how to get more developer devices into people's hands - Foxfooding team owns this (Jean Gong)
  • Consensus on a desktop development environment - TODO: needs owner
  • Design a double-click+F5 workflow - TODO: needs owner
    • STATUS: not started. some existing recent discussion on dev-gaia. need to put Gaia team stakeholders together to draft a plan, then push out to dev-gaia for feedback
  • Regular schedule for on-duty for IRC/lists by community team - TODO: needs owner
  • Identify and expand other active contribution areas and begin monitoring - StackOverflow, Reddit, XDA-Developers, etc
  • All apps have style, contribution and developer workflow info in their README files
  • Update the Contribute page on to point to the right links
  • Update the wiki to include entry points

Phase 2

  • Release strongly-supported desktop development environment
    • Mulet?
  • Release a double-click+F5 workflow
  • Bugzilla-less development flow through Github issues
  • Expand Stackbot to cover more than just StackOverflow, for automated monitoring and notifying on more contributor activity
    • Reddit?
    • XDA Developers?
  • Design a plan for re-opening Github issues. STATUS: In progress, owned by mhenretty;



  • Code
    • for...
      • total numbers of staff vs non-staff code contributors
      • patches from staff vs non-staff code contributors
  • Developer Support
    • Numbers of answered SO posts
    • XDA-developers
    • Reddit
  • Documentation
    • Maybe num visits to the contribution pages?
  • Evangelism
    • Talks
    • Videos
    • Visits to assets


TODO: Add all this to main B2G wiki page (where else?)

  • Product direction/vision
    • Roadmap
    • UX Specs
    • Where to submit requests/ideas
  • Product development
    • All dev docs
    • All communication points
    • Where can I find something to work on, or figure out if what I want to work on will be accepted
  • Release management/status
    • What release are we on, what's next
  • Testing
    • Where can I get a build, and for what device
    • Where can I submit bugs
    • How can I manage my builds (backup, restore, OTA)

Needs Processing

  • Integration tests are broken, cannot run - need to verify
  • Building on Mac OS X is maybe broken, unclear - need to verify


  • Gregor suggested making videos for ‘My first FxOS app’, ‘My first FxOS add-on’ or ‘My development workflow', after seeing Reza's deck. We should publish through Hacks Youtube channel.


Existing docs and workflows

Developer papercuts

  • Desktop tools should work with double-click-to-open, not only command line pointer to profile
  • Case-sensitive filesystem - container for solution?
  • Mac build env broken - work with releng to add a build test to catch that regressing?

Contributor Types

  • Gaia
    • Experience: Web developer
  • Gecko
    • Experience: C++, JavaScript, build tooling
  • Gonk
    • Experience: C, C++, build tooling
  • Device Porting
    • Experience: C, C++, Android dev, build tooling