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Firefox OS

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Firefox OS Functional Team Information

Everything you need to know about the functional teams working on Firefox OS is here (Meeting times, Leadership teams, and Individual Backlogs)

Firefox OS Release Management & Triage

Tracking Features and Blocking Bugs across all FXOS functional teams

Release Management


Firefox OS Development Process and Release Lifecycle

Firefox OS UX

Firefox OS Sprint Status

1.4 Sprint Schedule - Firefox OS/devlifecycle#1.4_Release_Calendar Calendar View

Start End
Firefox 1 2/3 2/14
Firefox 2 2/17 2/28
Firefox 3 3/3 3/14
Firefox 4 3/17 3/28
Firefox 5 3/31 4/11
Firefox 6 4/14 4/25

--Ahmedalkabir 09:52, 26 February 2014 (PST)

Sprint Tracking

Real-time dashboard view of each functional team's progress sprint-to-sprint. You are able to see all current open user stories and bugs in current sprint. (Dashboards are queried directly from bugzilla and pull based on target milestone and team product components and/or whiteboard tags)

Firefox OS Product Management

Product Backlog

User stories, acceptance criteria, assumptions, and dependencies for all FXOS functional teams are maintained in the backlog below. (listed by tab)

Firefox OS Security Team

More information on the team page.

Foxtrot Program

Foxtrot is the Firefox OS dogfooding program. More information on the program can be found on the Foxtrot Program page:

Other Resources

other references, very useful catch all category for existing links and text when cleaning up existing project pages