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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: May 18th, 2020

Key Dates

  • May 26 - Movement Building from Home (MBH) BONUS episode on how it was developed (18:00 UTC)
  • May 27 - Monthly MoFo Call
  • May 27 - Mozilla-wide weekly check-ins resume

Upcoming public holidays

  • May 18 - Victoria Day (Canada)
  • May 21 - Ascension Day (Germany)
  • May 25 - Memorial Day (US)

What's Moving This Week

  • Insights - Working on data stewardship project database, planning further research and recruiting, mapping projects and roles for 2020, brainstorming formats for the Internet Health Report 2020
  • Campaigns - Resurfacing campaigns from the pre-COVID era – moving forward on ad tech, social login services, content curation on platforms like Netflix and Spotify, and beginning planning for elections in 2020
  • Engagement - Donate bug fixes and 2.0 planning, Set up user testing for new site IA, homepage design, PNI 4.0 planning - continued, Creative Media Awards winner Q&A prep, Instagram outreach.
  • Communications - Publicity for Bot Or Not, the first of our 2020 Creative Media Awards to launch; planning for the Foundation's All Hands virtual plenary, planning for June's virtual Dialogues & Debates
  • MozFest - Movement Building from Home summary; MozFest virtual / in-person scenario planning; Wrangler Mentorship Program kicking off
  • Partnerships - Continuing grassroots and major gifts appeals, What's on the Horizon event planning, and concept notes
  • Organizational Effectiveness - Mid-year evaluation prep; All Hands planning
  • Fellowships & Awards - Added 3 new host orgs in India for the Tech + Society fellowship track; MOSS COVID-19 fund has made 6 awards; 2019-2020 CMA awards start launching publicly this week, starting with “Bot or Not” (5/19) followed by “An Interview with Alex” (6/9) and “TheirTube” (6/12)
  • Finance & Operations - Completing updated 2020 Forecast, working on RSM/Tate & Tryon 2020-2021 contract, complete contract with Flux consultant
  • Sharing out v0.9 of the Mozilla trustworthy AI white paper across stakeholder groups; prepping for board meeting on May 29th (Mark)

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • Sequencing objectives - Continued to brainstorm the trajectory of org-wide OKRs over the next few years to help tee up objectives for 2021-2023.

Job Openings

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