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This is the project management wiki for the Mozilla Foundation team. Content on this page is organized around the Foundation team's work to teach the web. Our goal: encourage millions of people around the world to move beyond using the web to making it.

Please see for a broad view of all Mozilla Project activities.

Mozilla Webmaker

Mozilla Webmaker creates software, projects and events that promote web literacy through making and sharing. We're an open source project powered by makers, mentors and community leaders. We'd love you to get involved.

Open Badges

A digital badge is an online representation of a skill you’ve earned. Open Badges take that concept one step further, and allows you to verify your skills, interests and achievements through credible organizations

Open News

We're helping a global network of developers, journalists, makers, and hackers collaborate on innovative code and new ideas. We believe a community of peers working, learning, and solving problems together can create the tools journalism needs to thrive on the open web.

Other Activities


The Foundation board includes:

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