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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: July 27th, 2020

Key Dates

  • July 29 - RCS Challenge Summer Summit
  • August 4 - projected date for publishing the F+A monthly update
  • August 7 - MozFest Wrangler nominations due (more info coming)
  • August 11 - Creative Media Award launch - "Deep Reckonings” by Stephanie Lepp
  • August 26 - Monthly MoFo Call

What's Moving This Week

  • Campaigns: Continuing elections and misinfo content themed work – including a misinfo scorecard of big platforms, assessing streaming services on political ad transparency, working w/ comms on data access for researchers. Working with engagement on an elections hub. Next steps on #stophateforprofit, Ring (a video), Nextdoor. Potential pilot project on Pioneer. Ongoing work on the next steps for Youtube Regrets.
  • Insights: Working on the data stewardship landscape analysis: starting the “failure modes” part, building out the projects database, outreach plan development for the IHR, content outline development for the IHR.
  • Communications: Publicizing fellows Daniel Leufer and Caroline Sinders' latest projects; Planning August D&D about alternative online business models; Preparing for CMA 'Deep Reckonings' launch; Developing comms for third-party data access advocacy work
  • Finance & Ops: Complete 990 and work on GreenHouse Gas emissions project, evaluate UK/Dutch VAT requirements, close June financial statements, complete RSM contract
  • MozFest: MozFest Volunteer Cookbook outline; audience engagement funnel planning; launching tech audience working group; MozFest budgeting; production house scoping
  • HR: Finalizing harassment training for rollout; preparing for mid-year performance check-ins in August; collecting data for D&I disclosure
  • Partnerships: Finalizing major donor benefits design, campaign prep, and drafting the long-term fundraising plan
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Engagement survey analysis; Data Lead interviews; multi-year planning
  • Fellowships & Awards: debrief + funder follow up from last week’s open web event w/ Ford and Siegel; attending some RightsCon sessions; finalizing the host org offboarding survey; Siegel partnership renewal proposal; reviewing GftW applications in first phase of judging; drafting provisional award letters for second round of Science Partnership grants (for alumni in the open science fellowship/award tracks); firming up interviews between Tech+Society host orgs and candidates; 2020-21 CMA Application Guide & Fluxx process finalizing
  • Engagement: Content/Campaigns planning, PNI Scoping, Homepage IA refresh
  • ED: Reopening early discussions with the committee for further board recruitment; governance discussions with the European AI Fund; working with MoCo on next steps re: racial justice commitments

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • Racial justice action planning: Michael Aukland and Sarah Watson joined for a discussion about various efforts in motion, including joint action planning with MoCo around Mozilla-wide racial justice commitments announced during All Hands, and scoping an RFP for external D&I consultants based on input from directors and the MoFo D&I Committee for priority areas of need.

Job Openings

  • Hiring manager interviews started for Marketing Coordinator
  • Hiring manager interviews in progress for Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications
  • Phone screening and team interview stages for Data Lead
  • Final interviews are underway for Digital Project Manager
  • Continuing phone screens for Web Manager and moving to team interviews

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