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Gaia Weekly Meeting

Alternate Meeting Times:

  • "Early" meetings: Tues 9:00am SF, Wed 12:00am Taipei
  • "Late" meetings: Tues 6:00pm SF, Wed 9:00am Taipei

Announcements & Notices

Add your workweeks, new hires, other announcements:

  • Will finish es6 and style linting in about 2 weeks. Getting rid of the jshint fail list in files.
  • Done some experiments on the Harmony module. Still really early in the decision on using CommonJS, AMD or es6 Harmony module.
  • Lightsaber is no more, it's now a subset of Project Ignite. Spark (the team formed Lightsaber)
  • Core apps in gaia such as dialer, will not be replaced. The apps in Spark are majorly new frontend apps.
  • Meeting with Panasonic last week. TV shipped in Europe. TV apps contribution back to Gaia will be one of the high priorities in Panasonic.


  • No talk this week.







(Alphabetical order)

Gaia Architecture Work

  • Telemetry library
  • Web app bridge
  • Service workers
  • SMS app conversion
  • Music app conversion

Comms app

Talking this week: Updates:


Talking this week: The team: evelyn, gchen, rexlee, johnhu, lchang, tzu-lin, shermanchen, yifan, seanlee, songchiu Updates: Contribution from partner on TV apps. (no Settings app)

  • Browser for TV
  • Device Deck
  • Tutorial - low priority
  • Search - low priority
  • Keyboard - merge into our keyboard app
  • TV Deck
  • TV program (EPG) for UK
  • Dashboard bar - low priority, our UX team may not take it.
  • App Deck (promoting app list) - low priority
  • Smart Home (different way for overlays)
  • System
    • App lock

Media front end

Talking this week: Our team: dhylands, djf, mikeh, jporter, hkoka, dkuo, dmarcos, wilsonpage, justindarc, pdahiya, rnicoletti, hub; Product: swilkes; Ux: amlee, tshakespeare, jsavory, hnguyen; EPM: mtreese QA: npark Updates:


Talking this week: Sprint tracking wiki: Notes: Updates:


Talking this week: The team: Updates:

Systems front end

Talking this week: The team: cserran, gwagner, qdot, michael h, aus, alexandr, francis, jason, pdol, benfrancis, daleharvey, gmarty, sfoster, naoki, tef, tedders1 Updates: