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Gaia is the collection of web apps which make up the front end of Firefox OS (codenamed Boot to Gecko).



UX Specifications (Wireframes)

Here are some guidelines to finding and using the latest UX specifications, wireframes and mock-ups.

  • The UX team has set Box folders as "Open Access". This allows view access to anyone with a link: You do not need to create or sign into a Box account in order to see UX specs and wireframes. For the time being, we prefer to have these files be view only and, for design consistency, to have the UX team be the sole editors of these files.
  • The UX team also attaches spec files to individual bugs AND includes a link to Box elsewhere in the bug: in the Attachments section or in Comments. The URLs of the Box folder will also be included on spec documents to ensure that anyone who sees only a PDF also knows where to get the latest specs.
  • Please contact Stephany ( if you have any issues with access to Box.

Shared Code / Styles

The Gaia apps share/reuse some JS libraries (localization, gesture detection, etc.), localization strings (relative dates), and styles (from the building blocks effort, see above):


For the latest UX specifications, please visit:


For the latest UX specifications, please visit:

Security Reviews


For 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5, the UX team will focus on a project called Haida: .

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