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Development Team

You'll be able to find the current team on the Firefox OS modules page.

The SMS team is part of the larger Comms team.

Design Specs

Panels-specific spec

Conversation View

Report Panel

Versions specific specs

For 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0 we had no visual refresh so we have no visual design specifications. The specifications for the Right To Left work are common to all apps and can be found on (mirror on bugzilla).

For 2.0, the Visual Refresh specifications are on bug 950175.

For 1.4, please visit :

For 1.3, please visit (for the generic specs) and (for DSDS)

The following link contains the specifications for versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2:

Mirror for the UX spec for version 1.3: File:FFOS MessageApp V1.3 20131125 V8.0.pdf.
Mirror for the UX spec for versions 1.1 and 1.2: File:HTML5 SMS-MMSUserStorySpecifications 20130503 V8.0.pdf. This spec is still the authoritative one for anything that has not been redesigned.
Mirror for the UX spec for version 1.0: File:HTML5 SMS 20121212 R2S1 V8.0.pdf

Source Code

The source code can be found in the gaia repository in github.


You can find us on the IRC server, channels #gaia and #gaia-messaging.

Code Style Guidelines

Filing bugs

You can file bug on Bugzilla. Please include the Firefox OS version you use, and possibly a screenshot or a video. Any console from logcat is welcome as well, or you could provide your message sqlite from your device by retrieving the following file & directory(if you don't mind the content):

  • /data/local/storage/permanent/chrome/idb/226660312ssm.sqlite
  • /data/local/storage/permanent/chrome/idb/226660312ssm.files

Handling bugs

See Gaia/SMS/Handling_Bugs.

There are 2 goals:

  • making the bug move forward thanks to other people until it's actionable.
  • not forgetting an important bug

With this flow, we still need to be careful to:

  • assigned bugs without activity
  • needinfo that are not answered

Indeed these bugs could still be forgotten if they don't move.

Project Management

We try to follow the Scrum methodology. Please have a look to the SMS Scrum Page for more information.

Some future development

Using datastores for SMS

Haida and Sheets

Feature backlog

New Gaia architecture

The Gecko API for Mobile Messaging

The SMS application uses several API from Gecko. Especially it uses the API for Mobile Messaging, which allows to send and receive SMS and MMS.

On this wiki, several pages show the design behind the API: WebAPI/WebSMS and WebAPI/WebMMS. They're probably somewhat obsolete noawadays but they will provide useful information about some design.

MDN has also a good documentation about this API. It's also lagging a bit but is more uptodate.

Finally, the most current information is given by the IDL files in the gecko tree (and some part is in a separate place).

Security Review

The security review for this app can be found here.