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  • Discuss this future of this meeting

1. Status - Where are we at on our three major initiatives? FxA Sync (ckarlof), FxA on FxOS (spenrose), what's the third? :-) WORLD DOMINATION 2. Awesome - What happened last week that was awesome? 3. Help - Where could you use help? What is blocking you?

General Reminders:

Key wiki pages to point folks at:

Meeting Notes

  • NOTE: FxA Desktop Usability Team Review - 1 pm PDT today
    • Identity vidyo
    • SF: The Boardroom has been booked for those in SF
  • March 31 - April 3: Proposed work week (SF/MV is proposed)
  • Cut Moz travel expenses by 20%
    • we are going to keep an eye on travel expenses this year
    • avoid booking travel at the last minute
    • Target: Sub-teams 3 meetups/year, large-teams 2 meetups/year
  • Loop === Talkilla reboot
   * how to get webRTC in front of users in a useful way?
   * FxA user can generate a URL and call anyone on the web + devices
   * Currently doing server-side work


FxA on FxOS

  • Lots of excitement with FxOS proper
  • 1.4 being "de-scoped": features killed in favor of quality focus
  • Currently that means FxA is NOT SHIPPING for 1.4. Next week ... ? O_O
  • While the dust settles
  • We are working hard to close our initial round of "blockers"
  • We are getting started on Q/A ASAP
  • We're carefully eyeing what it takes to be ready to merge and go as soon as an opening presents itself


Docs & Engagement


Two notes of awesome:

  • Tomorrow (Tue 2014-02-25) is Edwin's one-year Mozaversary. Congratulations, Edwin! Glad to have you on the team.
  • QA also has a new hire as of last week, Richard Pappalardo. Richard will be focusing on FxOS with an eye towards automation projects.

= PTO/OOO (kept in the Identity calendar for everyone's reference)

  • Ryan F: 20 - 28 Feb: PTO
  • Francois: 24-28 Feb in SF (26 and 27 doing TRIBE)
  • Francois: 7 and 10 March PTO
  • Francois: 14, 17, 18, 19 March PTO
  • Shane: Feb 26 - Mar 12 (Tentative dates per Baby Tomlinson's decision on when to arrive - the dates will adjust as needed) :)
  • Katie: 27-28 March: PTO
  • John G: 27.5 - 31 Mar: PTO
  • James: 3/5 - 3/6 TRIBE
  • chilts: 7th Apr - 2nd May PTO (in UK)