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Please note before you sign up for a track...

  • Ideally, we would like equal distribution among all tracks.
  • 15-20 people in each track is our target.
  • If the list is over 20, please consider sharing your perspectives on another track.
  • Diverse voices on each track will help build a strong initiative.
  • Write your full name and indicate if you will be on site or remote.
  • Indicate if you will like to be the wrangler for remote participation of your track (NB: wrangling means managing the track IRC channel, and helping remoties be heard in the room, as well as helping them get sorted during the breakouts. We are still figuring out all facets of remote participation, so you will need to be flexible.)

Considering the 2 Day time frame, tracks that can engage a large group of contributors are prioritized below:

Parallel Tracks

Main Tracks

(Tracks open for all the ~60 participants)