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MDN Community meeting agenda/notes 2011-02-02

Doc Sprint

  • Hacks recap
  • We discussed ways to keep momentum and engagement going. The next sprint in June seems far away.
    • Virtual sprint tentatively scheduled for April 1-2.
    • Seeking a European coordinator for the sprint, to hang out in IRC, greet newcomers, answer questions, make suggestions, etc. (especially while North-Americans are asleep).
    • Think of ways to use the idea of "wiki Wednesday", but not a weekly sprint. E.g., review one article on Wednesday, "office hours" on Wednesday, etc.

MDN Site

  • Demo Studio to launch in early March: place for anyone to submit demos of HTML, CSS, JS, etc.
  • Section of MDN that will focus on education/learning, to be added in April or May.
  • Finally starting development of the new wiki: kicking off the planning process now.
    • Should have something to share in Q2 or Q3. Once it's basically working, community members can give feedback and help build out features.
    • Need a cool codename for the project. Contact jay in IRC, or jay at mozilla dot com with suggestions (he likes bears).
  • The upgrade to MindTouch 10 should be ready for testing soon.