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MDN Web Docs

This page contains planning, process, and team info about MDN Web Docs.

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To provide developers
with the information they need
to easily build projects
on the web platform.


A world where
everyone developing for the web
follows open standards.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

MDN's success in helping web developers is measured by:

Number of successfully completed tasks = Reach * Helpfulness
Number of sessions, measured by traffic stats
Percent of tasks completed, that is, "Did the reader find the info needed for their task?", measured by surveying a sample of readers

Staff Team

MDN is supported by a cross-functional team with web development, content creation, and other relevant skill sets.

See the MDN Durable Team page for information about this team's members, plans, and processes. In addition to the Durable Team, Schalk Neethling is the Community Lead for MDN.

The MDN staff team forms the core of a much larger community of MDN contributors, open to anyone interested in getting involved.

Getting involved

The MDN community is a group of staff and volunteers with the goal of providing useful information and utilities to web developers. We are always happy to help new contributors get involved in writing, editing, localizing, and coding on MDN, and we encourage everyone to participate in helping to make MDN the best it can be.

More information about getting involved

Historical Information

Additional Information

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