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DevOps HackAttack

Let's brainstorm about DevOps (Dev, IT, and QA) improvements... and then lets do it! It's a hack attack coming from way back... Bring your laptop and a dream.


  • retornam
  • wenzel
  • lorchard
  • ozten
  • beer?


  • Brainstorm
  • Pick Some Tasks
  • Hack Attack


We talked about items below under General Topics... plus:

  • puppet, chef,
  • demo room deki - consujming feed of demos and show on wiki
  • trunk, next, prod
    • L10n works on next (SUMO AMO)
  • Zeus caching performance work
  • Profiling Dekiwiki based on usage patterns

General Topics

Pre-noodle on some of these existing topics:

  • Getting generic configs under a VCS
    • Apache RewriteRules
  • mod_auth_cas deployment requirements
    • Staging strategy
  • Codebase management
    • Deki, phpBB, Django Oh my!
    • What's in our VCS, what's not?
  • Release process tweaks

Next Steps

ozten to circle back to meet with oremj.