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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

These personas are intended to help us think through different use cases and needs, and understand the type of users we're targeting.

Guillermo (Localizer)

Guillermo is a localizer who contributes translations in his free time.

Miles (Reviewer)

As a volunteer reviewer, Miles spends about 30 minutes each evening reviewing apps to make sure they meet our quality, security, and privacy standards. Some days, he focuses on the queue of new submissions and offers helpful feedback to app developers. Other days he looks at apps that have been updated to request new permissions or at user reviews that have been flagged as violating guidelines.

Miles is a Reviewer because he enjoys using apps and wants to help Mozilla's apps effort, and likes feeling that he's making a difference and is appreciated.

Miles cares most about:

  • Easy review tools that let him make the most of his limited volunteer time
  • Simple, understandable policies
  • Feeling appreciated

Nina Schmopol (Support Representative)

Nina works at Mozilla providing one-on-one support for users of the Marketplace that need it. When talking with users, she looks up their account history to see important information like which apps they've purchased, refund status, and may occasionally issue Marketplace credit. She uses what she learns of users' problems to update knowledgebase articles and report back to the team on what needs improvement.

Nina cares most about:

  • Quickly seeing a view of a user's activity on the Marketplace
  • Having accurate, up-to-date documentation and support channels
  • Having a way to escalate user issues and bugs to the development team

Cletus Banhammer (Administrator)

Cletus works at Mozilla and is responsible for the security and quality of content distributed in the Marketplace. He regularly handles review escalations, disables apps and add-ons, bans users, and changes settings.