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Mozilla is building a Marketplace to bring personalized discovery, worldwide distribution, and easy payments to the largest platform for app development: the Web. Our Marketplace will be imbued with Mozilla's principles of transparency, user control, and open innovation that locked-down platforms lack.

The Marketplace Wiki area is under reconstruction with new and updated information


Communications backchannels

    • #marketplace
    • #payments
    • #openwebapps
    • #app-reviewers

Meetings Open for All:

  • Apps Quarterly Planning
    • Air Mozilla
    • Point of Contact for invites :
  • Marketplace : Weekly Product Delivery Meeting
  • Payments : Weekly Product Delivery Meeting
  • Content : Weekly Program Meeting
    • Friday 9:00 am PST
    • [ AppsContent Vidyo Room]
    • Etherpad
    • IRC channel: #appsContent
    • Point of Contact : Karen Ward
  • WebApps for Android / Synthetic APKs : Bi-Weekly Engineering Call

Mailing Lists

  • Marketplace Team All (internal) contributors to, and watchers & supporters of, Marketplace Services Program, including Payments
  • Marketplace Drivers Internal list for leads on the Marketplace Services program (Add your email address in a Service-Now request)
  • Apps Internal, all contributors to, and watchers & supports of, Apps Program (Add your email in a Service-now request)
  • Dev Web Apps Internal mailing list for Web App Devs
  • Open Web Apps Open, all Mozillian (external) Web App Devs
  • App Review Open mailing list for questions regarding the content submission and review process
  • Payments Team Internal, all Mozilla payments contributors
  • dev-marketplace Open to anyone who wants to discuss Marketplace development
  • Back Seat Drivers The internal list for those not on other drivers lists
  • Dev Planning Company-Wide, Open. Provides schedule of open and important meetings across dev and product teams


Marketplace Roadmap

Check out our 2014 Goals

The following is a 2013 Marketplace Roadmap. This is updated approximately every 3 months.

Marketplace Feature Requests

Make a Marketplace Feature or Work Request

Ecosystem Docs & PRDs

Please review our PRDs for upcoming Marketplace features. Have a feature you think should be on Marketplace?
Put in your request and our core team will review!

Admin Tools

Admin Tools focus on behind-the-scenes management of the Marketplace. These are divided into several areas: Reviewer Tools, Merchandising Tools, Operator Management Tools, Support Tools, and Configuration Management Tools.


These are a bit old now, but David know if you need access to them


The following PRDs and specifications contain detailed information on consumer facing features of the Marketplace. These are the things a consumer might experience when visiting the site.

Content Discovery

Firefox Accounts

Marketplace for Firefox OS

Content Management

All of these Request your Comments (in the doc itself)

Developer Dashboard

Developer facing parts of the Marketplace are split into 2 areas: the Dev Hub, which focuses on information and resources that help developers create and submit apps for the Marketplace, and the "Dev Dashboard", the area focused on application management.

Please view Apps/Developers for information about the Firefox Marketplace Developer Hub.

Metrics and Business Intelligence

Metrics covers how well things perform - number of downloads, number of installs, apps submitted, apps reviewed, etc. Business Intelligence covers behavior within the Marketplace, goal measurement, UX research. This is measured through Google Analytics.

Marketplace Performance Metrics

This covers Marketplace and App Performance Metrics for Developers, Community members, Mozilla and Operators

Marketplace Business Intelligence


Operator / OEM

Please see Marketplace - Adding Regions and Carriers for more details on Operator onboarding

Payments & Pricing

Other Resources

Marketplace Regional and Carrier Customizations

Release Notes

Fireplace Wiki

  • Fireplace is a packaged version of Firefox Marketplace front-end, it provides hosting and installation of Apps for Firefox and Firefox OS. Currently Firefox Marketplace only supports hosting of Web and Packaged Apps, Certified Apps, are not currently hosted.

Marketplace Functional Diagram

Marketplace 2013.png

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