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Firefox-Marketplace.png Firefox Marketplace is a discovery and distribution platform for web apps. It imbues Mozilla's principles of transparency, user control, and open innovation that locked-down platforms lack. Its mission is to promote a free and open web.

Upcoming Changes to Marketplace

Over the coming months Mozilla is streamlining Marketplace to allocate resources to other areas of FxOS and Connected Devices.

Progressive Web Apps

We are working with other parties on the shared goal of improving the web’s ability to meet the needs of mobile users and, along with Google, Opera, and others, are getting behind the vision of Progressive Web Apps.

Non-Firefox OS Apps

On March 29, 2016, Marketplace will no longer accept submissions for Android, Desktop and Tablet, and will remove all apps that don’t support Firefox OS. However we will continue to accept Firefox OS app submissions until mid-2017 Apps that currently work on Desktop and Android will no longer function on those platforms since the Web Runtime (WebRT) will be removed and will no longer be able to install or launch apps.

Payment Support

We will be removing support for payments, for both paid apps and in-app payments. The web gives developers the freedom to choose any payment method, and Firefox Marketplace should not be a gatekeeper. If you have payments set up, it means you may need to change your payment provider, make your app free, and/or move payments to be contained within your app or website. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We will continue to allow submissions and updates for free Firefox OS phone apps, and there are millions of users that we will continue to support.

FAQ for Marketplace Changes

Q. What does it mean for applications already in Firefox Marketplace? A. Applications in Marketplace will continue to work on Firefox OS devices. If the app is not listed as compatible with Firefox OS, it will be disabled (not listed in the catalog), but still accessible to the owner on the developer portal.

Q. What does it mean for new applications submitted to marketplace? A. Marketplace will discontinue submission of apps for Desktop, Android and Tablets. It will also removed the Paid Apps options to the submission process. We will continue to review apps submitted for Firefox OS. We will also discontinue the special submission process for China and for low memory devices.

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Find us on IRC

  • #marketplace
  • #payments
  • #openwebapps
  • #app-reviewers

Meetings open to all

You're welcome to participate in any of these meetings. See you there! (All times listed in Pacific Time)

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Mailing Lists

  • Marketplace Contributors List for Marketplace community--stay in the loop about contribution opportunities and events.
  • Marketplace Team All (internal) contributors to, and stakeholders & watchers of, Marketplace & Payments activities [(see the membership list)]
  • dev-marketplace Open to anyone who wants to discuss Marketplace development and program activities
  • Marketplace Drivers Internal list for managers accountable for delivering Marketplace / Payments program (Add your email address in a Service-Now request)
  • B2G Contributors (Internal)
  • Apps Internal, all contributors to, and watchers & supports of, Apps Program (Add your email in a Service-now request)
  • Dev Web Apps Internal mailing list for Web App Devs
  • Open Web Apps Open, all Mozillian (external) Web App Devs
  • App Review Open mailing list for questions regarding the content submission and review process
  • Payments Team Internal, all Mozilla payments contributors
  • Marketplace UX Internal, all Marketplace UX contributors
  • Dev Planning Company-Wide, Open. Provides schedule of open and important meetings across dev and product teams


Marketplace Roadmap & Project Archive

Check out our current deliverables or our project archive

Found a bug?

File bugs in the marketplace component on Bugzilla

New Feature Request?

Make a Request a new feature or suggest changes to Marketplace


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