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We had the APK Service Factory ops meeting.

Kumar and Andy joined. We discussed the new HSM requirement with Jason and co talking through some of the details.

I was looking for someone to own the "secure the certificates with a web service" requirement and Andy suggested we chat with Ryan Tilder

If we go with extending Trunion it has some technical debt we should pay down

  • Weird errors in production
  • Needs monitoring, sending stack traces, etc

It's possible to extract the crypto parts and make a new Playdoh based web service

Next Steps

  • Andy to chat with Ryan Tilder
 * Wil and Toby to figure out who's on point
  • jhugman owns refining the ant build script and will work with that person on the details of what the HSM signs
  • Person on point works with jhugman and ozten on interface and makes design decisions (Trunion or other)