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The APK Factory is a web service which synthesizes native Android Apps (.apk installer files) from Open Web App manifests.

This is a part of Mobile/Projects/Application_management.


  • Project - dvd, clouserw
  • Development - (Android) jhugman, myk, mhaigh and (Server side) ozten
  • QA - AaronMT, krupa
  • Operations - jason, oremj
  • Security - rforbes

Issues? File a Bug

File a bug in Marketplace::Integration with the following information

  • Environment (production release or production review, etc)
  • URL to the App in Marketplace or mini-manifest url
  • Other typical information (Fennec details, steps to reproduce, etc)


Testing A Different Environment

Firefox for Android (Fennec) uses the production release environment. If you'd like to test or use a different environment, do the following:

  1. about:config in Fennec
  2. search for 'apk'
  3. edit browser.webapps.apkFactoryUrl
  4. set it to one of the following:

That would be production review env

and this is for the stage release env

Use Cases


Tracking Bugs

  • bug 896003 [theme] Support for Synthetic APKs (Fennec / Android)
  • bug 936725 SecReview: APK Factory

Meeting Notes