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Previous Action Items

  • Armen to ETA for TroboPan and Tcheckerboard deployment
    • armenzg says late this week or early next one
  • Clint to build panda board OS image (blassey to support)
  • Joel to take care of Ts-moz-afterpaint

Status reports

Dev team


  • More and more tests are being written!
  • testBookmark fails (bug 725483) - waiting for bookmarks UI to stabilize

Bug 705192 - cannot execute xpcshell via SUT agent

Rel Eng

  • bug 723667 talos robocop
    • armenzg hopes to have patches this week

A Team


  • bug 727354 - need to resolve cases where fennec crashes during the test, but still reports green;
    • appears to be hitting OOM errors frequently on the tegras


  • need to investigate the C1/R2/R3 failures and fix them.


  • need to file ts_mozafterpaint addition
  • working with releng to ensure we can rollout trobopan and all the updated talos bits

Upcoming work:

  • xpcshell in automation
  • [power usage] tests
    • this requires tweaking the PowerTutor tool to stop on event and dump profile to log
    • requires developing a power profile for hardware we will run on
    • will this run as CI or out of band?

S1/S2 Automation


Panda Boards

  • Initial [wiki] created
  • Tracking bug 725544 created
  • bug 725846 - 5 boards have been ordered; 5 more to be ordered; accessories still to be ordered
    • they are back-ordered; next delivery date (not on stone) is Feb. 29th.
    • estimates for large purchase is on bug as well
  • ctalbert/jmaher/wlach - have had minimal luck getting pandaboards to boot and run tests (mochitest and reftest samples so far). ctalbert and jmaher can't even get an image to boot.
    • require proper power supply
    • requiring building from tip of ICS
    • require panda video driver
    • possibly require specific type(s) of sdcard
  • concerns
    • the boards sometimes become unstable (much more than the tegras)
    • armenzg: do we have an alternative to the panda boards?
      • blassey: no fallback plan

Crash Stats

CrashStats 2012-02-13.png Screenshot and data from 2/13/2012 11:28 AM PDT Note :

  • Java crashes are all reported for 13/12.
  • Current top non-java bug in 13 :
    • bug 721086 - Crash in mozilla::AndroidBridge::CallEglCreateWindowSurface @ nsWindow::GetThebesSurface - motorola MZ601 only
    • Flash Crash
    • bug 725295 Crash Report @ _ZN8SkBitmapaSERKS_ on HTC devices
  • Current top java crashes in 13:
    • bug 726269 - java.lang.ClassCastException: android.widget.TextView at org.mozilla.gecko.AwesomeBarTabs$AwesomeCursorViewBinder.updateFavicon(
    • bug 726270 - java.lang.NullPointerException: at android.widget.CursorTreeAdapter.setChildrenCursor(
  • Current top non-java bug in 12 :
    • bug 711852 - Crash in neon_composite_over_8888_8888 or neon_composite_over_n_8_0565 or fast_composite_over_8888_0565 or arm_neon_fill @
    • bug 725295 - Crash Report [@ _ZN8SkBitmapaSERKS_ ] on HTC devices
  • Current top java crashes in 12:
    • bug 723499 - java.lang.IllegalStateException: at android.widget.ListView.layoutChildren(
  • Current top core bug in 12:
    • bug 674584 - crash [@ js::Interpret]
    • bug 700583 - Crash in nsPluginFile::GetPluginInfo @ pr_FindSymbolInLib
  • Socorro/Breakpad work:
    • Java field to be implemented and pushed on Wednesday for production - bug 719943
    • bug 726385 Please create skiplist implementation for the Java field
    • bug 726693 Some java crashes are not being mapped correctly to bugs in bugzilla even though the crash signature fields have the "signatures" listed
    • bug 725313 Java Crash signatures may end up pointing to bad links
    • bug 672606 - Aggregate numbers and topcrashes for Nightly and Aurora channels based on build ID date instead of crash date
    • bug 727234 - Crash Report [@ EMPTY: no crashing thread identified; corrupt dump ]
    • bug 727286 - Incorrect messaging when failing to submit a crash report

Round Table

  • How do we bring up new perf tests

Action Items

  • Joel to take care of Ts-moz-afterpaint
  • armenzg to get an extra Panda ES board for blassey
  • finkle to give joel a list of perf tests he wants to write