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Present: Armen, David, Jorge, Mary, Alina, Tomcat

Agenda: Round table on what has been happening recently and what people are looking for help with from the group.

  • QA and l10n have had success with people contributing, other teams haven't (such as release engineering which isn't really geared toward bringing new people in)
  • Maybe QA can serve as a gateway for technical people for areas that aren't good starting places, like release engineering? How to do this without overloading QA point person? Armen was going to talk with Tomcat about how to get information about release engineering to people who have been contributing to QA.
  • With marketing they have seen lots of new people on the main list, but not sure where they have come from. William is planning to cross check new members with inquiries received lately.
  • People have been lurking on marketing list but not contributing yet. New people tend to lurk for a while anyway, so this may be expected? When could we expect people to get actively involved? Maybe prompting these lurkers with a monthly post of simple actions to take?
  • For measuring success, maybe we could put a survey on the contribute page itself or getting back to people who sent inquiries? Do we have questions as a group we want answered? How did you find out? Are you planning to contribute? Have you contributed? Is this information helpful?
  • For add-ons it is hard to measure if people are doing something with the information we send. What is metric of success? New add-on posted or questions answered? Growth of add-ons forum?
  • What does this group need? Advice? Training? Bandwidth? If so, do we need a volunteer coordinator that point people can use as a resource to do things we know need to be done to help ramp new people up? General feeling is that there's no way one person could know enough to be a useful resource for all different areas. Mary mentioned bandwidth will need to be resolved within marketing group.
  • Alina mentioned that she'd like to talk one on one with each of the point people to get more information about best practices and ideas and document those. She'd also like to find new point people for areas that aren't covered well now or for areas we'd like to add.
  • David mentioned that if anyone would like to do a survey that he'd be happy to help.
  • There also seemed to be interest in meeting again, so we'll do this again in a month or two.