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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.6.9 and 3.5.12

Firefox 4 Beta

  • Beta 4 has shipped today
  • Beta 5 code freeze scheduled for this Friday, go to build scheduled for Monday
    • we have close to 100 blockers, don't think we're going to make it
    • proposing alternative plan in roundtable, below

Fennec 2 Alpha

  • Builds spun, in testing

Fennec 2 Beta 1

  • Code Freeze Sept 7

Blocker Report

Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox Development

(from our goals):

  • [ON TRACK] Feature complete Firefox 4
    • [DONE] Switch to Tab
    • [DONE] App Tabs - Scope for 4.0 reduced (non-global), near feature complete.
    • [DONE] Extension Manager - Bug list is converging, still a lot of work to do.
    • [DONE] Web Console
    • [ON TRACK] Notification UI - Geo and EM notifications done, http auth next.
    • [ON TRACK] New Theme - Windows and Mac good, Linux catching up now
    • [DONE] TabCandy Panorama
    • [AT RISK] Silent updates on Windows
    • [DROPPED] Inspector
    • [DROPPED] Account Manager - WIP patches posted, but we can't contain the review load and code risk.
  • [AT RISK] Dirty profile startup within 20% of clean profile startup (modulo extensions, plugins; on windows)
    • Current status: Lots of data has been collected and analyzed, but no solid conclusions have shaken out.
    • Details page
    • Shawn has an updated blog post. Read it for more info.
    • Bugs on file that help:
      • Excessive cookie i/o bug bug 572223 (fixed)
      • Session Restore negatively impacts startup time based on the number of tabs loaded bug 582005
      • Suboptimal SQLite page size bug 416330 (fixed)
      • Provide a global VACUUM component bug 541373


(there is a team-by-team goals breakdown, as well)

  • [DONE] Javascript performance near or even with Chrome 5 on their benchmarks (within 20% on SS, 30% on V8), with substantial wins on our benchmarks. (Windows, in-browser.)
  • [DONE] Hardware acceleration of video and other HTML and SVG content, as well as user interface, on by default for compatible hardware on all Tier-1 desktop and mobile platforms.
  • [DONE] Fully support the WebGL 1.0 spec, with support turned on by default in a Firefox 4 beta on platforms that support OpenGL or OpenGL ES.
  • [MISSED] security: zero reproducible high/crit > 30 days
  • [DONE] Support multi-process Fennec.
  • [DONE] Support Jetpacks running in separate processes and never blocking the Fennec UI. NOTE: jetpack team hasn't actually integrated this code yet, but it works in small test environments.



  • D2D virtual memory leak was, seemingly, an actual memory leak, and Loïc Yhuel has fixed it in bug 589809. Please, if you've turned off Direct2D, turn it back on and tell us what your experience is like.
  • Direct3D 9 accelerated layers are going to be turned on for mozilla-central very soon, but our current plan is to leave it turned off for beta 5, to give us extra nightly coverage.


  • Bug 130078
    • test_hover (bug 549799)
    • linux x64 tp4 crash (no bug number yet)
    • test_tree_view (bug 587960)
    • autoscroll icon painting corruption on windows (bug 588403)
    • ugly font rendering (bug 588407)
    • fennec events (bug 577579)
    • talos numbers (bug 588663)
  • calc() on target
  • Unprefixing border-radius is at risk
  • SVG images still on track


  • 'buffered' for WebM
    • Working on performance

Tree Management

  • We're seeing very high load lately.
    • Currently at ~2,216 pushes for August. Previous record was 1,971 for the entire month of March, 2010.
    • 42 new IX machines (non-virtualized build slaves, quad-core w/ 4GB RAM) arriving this week. Should be online middle of next week. Will be split among regular build and try build pools, mix of win32, linux, and linux64 builds.
    • Hoping to land bug 473184 (ability to select try server platforms and tests) tomorrow or Thursday.
  • Compare your tryserver push Talos results today using this tool!


  • proposed schedule changes [beltzner]
    • freeze for beta5 this Friday
    • move feature-freeze to beta6, target freeze Sept 10
    • aim to land JM on mozilla-central on target (Sept 1) and bake there
    • decide in next two days what new feature work will happen in beta6
      • beltzner, blizzard and shaver to drive
      • priorities remain: performance (for all reasons!), compelling UX to drive upgrades, jetpack to reduce cost of future application updates