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Platform Meeting Details

  • Tuesday 2012-09-25 - 11:00 am Pacific
  • Dial-in: Audio-only conference# 95312
    • People with Mozilla phones or softphones please dial x4000 Conf# 95312
    • US/Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, (pin 4000) Conf# 95312
    • US/California/Mountain View: +1 650 903 0800, x4000 Conf# 95312
    • US/California/San Francisco: +1 415 762 5700, x4000 Conf# 95312
    • US/Oregon/Portland: +1 971 544 8000, x4000 Conf# 95312
    • CA/British Columbia/Vancouver: +1 778 785 1540, x4000 Conf# 95312
    • CA/Ontario/Toronto: +1 416 848 3114, x4000 Conf# 95312
    • UK/London: +44 (0)207 855 3000, x4000 Conf# 95312
    • FR/Paris: +33 1 84 88 37 37, x4000 Conf# 95312
    • Gmail Chat (requires Flash and the Google Talk plugin): paste +1 650 903 0800 into the Gmail Chat box that doesn't look like it accepts phone numbers
    • SkypeOut is free if you use the 800 number
  • Warp Core Vidyo Room / SFO-Boardroom
  • join #planning for back channel

Notices / Schedule

  • FF16 Beta 5 is going to build today!
    • Any approved & unlanded fixes need to go in ASAP
    • We'll be approving this morning, please land ASAP
    • ASAP
  • Code freeze is this Friday, 9/28. Please take a look at your tracked bugs and let us know current status.
  • FF16 Beta 6 (our final) will go to build on Monday, 8/1
  • Release Day is 8/9

Firefox OS

  • Everyone's focused on finishing feature work by 9/28, and identifying any remaining feature work so that it can be evaluated by drivers.
  • Feature work on platform side that is known slipping are Payments+Identity, and various other smaller pieces within the platform.
  • Post 9/28 plan being hammered out this week. Expect awesomeness of lockdown - blockers only and driver approvals for non-blocking bugs, etc.
  • Blocker dashboard:
  • All platform Basecamp blockers:

Firefox Development

  • Marco Bonardo refactored about:home to avoid startup issues and lead the way to removing its use of localStorage (bug 615785, bug 749477)
  • Bellindira Castillo landed initial telemetry probes for tab switching speed: bug 753127
  • Jared Wein landed perf improvements to the URL bar styling code (bug 781588). See also his blog post about the snappy work week
  • Mark Hammond, Jared Wein, Felipe Gomes and Shane Caraveo landed a whole bunch of social fixes
  • Matt N. did a great job writing hotfixes to warn 10.5 users and fix update bustage in Firefox 15 (bug 774509, bug 790096)
  • Brian Bondy is hard at work getting Firefox ready for the Windows 8 release (Firefox 16 is the target there)
  • Tim Taubert is making progress on landing new tab page preloading, which should help new tab responsiveness
  • Tim Taubert landed lightweight themes image cropping bug, which should help address some slow startups caused by those

Firefox Developer Tools

Add-on SDK

  • Shipped 1.10 last week, Wes wrote a great blog post about it
  • Going to introduce a 1 week delay into our release cycle to sync with Firefox
  • More blog posts about the new page-mod features coming in 1.11


  • Tim fixed part of Persona slowness and improved start-up by ~10% (bug 650968)
  • Jeff improved final layers paint by 25x without hardware accelerated on Aero glass (bug 788794)




  • bugs of interest
    • support lengths again in matrix() for -moz-transform only (not transform) bug 774169
    • nsIFrame::List (debug-only method) now has optional subdocument traversal (bug 788202)
    • Make Azure canvas's drawWindow use Azure for content drawing when Azure-content is preffed on (bug 772726)
    • support for downloadable fonts in printing and print preview (bug 468568)


  • WebRTC components are being reviewed and landing in m-c (thanks for reviews!)
    • We expect to land preffed-off via an about:config pref


  • Getting very close to having new bindings for a DOM element. (peterv, bz)


  • driving towards B2G feature freeze
  • working on support for tel:, sms:, and mailto: URI schemes
  • finalizing clearing of private data plumbing for B2G
  • most B2G app security model code landed or very close






Tree Management

  • Linux desktop builds (32 & 64-bit) now switched to centos6 builders. Many of these builds are now happening in AWS. Kudos to rail and jhopkins for getting this working!
    • Still fixing some minor fallout, including leak test hangs. Please file new bugs for problems and have them block bug 772446
    • Aiming to uplift these changes to 17 before beta1
  • Need help diagnosing mochitest failures on XP!!topic/


Bugs needing info for security action

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Stability Report


  • Some HBase problems (bad region) caused issues with data available on the website on Monday, this is fixed now.




  • Crashes per ADU is still under 2% with over 90 million ADUs.


  • bug 793175 Firefox 18 spike in crashes @ gfxContext::PushClipsToDT while hovering over tab preview in Task Bar
  • bug 793416 crash in gfxXlibNativeRenderer::Draw
  • bug 792698 IonMonkey: crash in js::Vector<unsigned char, 32, js::SystemAllocPolicy>::growStorageBy



  • New bugs
    • bug 793475 crash in BeginMarkPhase @ zzz_AsmCodeRange_Begin
    • bug 794146 Firefox startup crash in nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::StoreToFile
  • Top crashes showing up in Explosive Report
    • bug 792903 crash in DrawingContext::CreateLinearGradientBrush mainly with Location Bar Enhancer
    • bug 793370 crash in nsWebShellWindow::Initialize


CrashStats 2012-09-25.png

Nightly :


  • Need to wait for ADU/Crashes to be more stable. Looks good so far.

Release :


  • Down at the bottom of the report we are seeing over 200 crashes in the nightly that have sigkills with address locations for nightly
    • ex: 1 2 ; see : starting from 87 down in the nightly report
    • Need to figure out how to make this actionable; maybe get a stack trace through minidump?
  • bug 752828 looking at the patch from bug 741224, it might be helpful to get the API levels for the crashers?
    • Need STR from QA.


  • bug 745512 #6 on release, not shown in beta and above.
  • bug 750217 to be monitored for next beta release.

See Mobile Notes for Mobile specific Socorro notes


  • Sending crash reports from devices should work in theory, but doesn't in practice, need to investigate. Noted in bug 773892 for now.
  • Had a meeting on the crash reporting story in terms of UI and privacy on Friday, work now happening on what the UI should look like, implementation work needed.