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Developer instructions

  • Clone the repository
  • Update version number in manifest.webapp
  • Commit and push a tag for that version number
  • cd app
  • Change server in js/settings.js to
  • Delete your temporary files, like .DS_Store (with zsh, rm **/.DS_Store)
  • Delete the test directory: rm -rf test
  • Compile template files: grunt nunjucks
  • Do localization dance (see below)
  • zip -r *
  • Submit to marketplace via

Product instructions

  • Update the description (in every language)
  • Choose categories
  • Update privacy policy
  • Update homepage
  • Update link link to a website or an email for "support information"
  • Update screenshots (and video). Those should be at least 320x480px JPG or PNG. Videos should be in WebM.
  • We need an IARC certificate (International Age Rating Coalition)
  • Update list of countries where it is available

Localization Dance

  • Get a copy of the Sumo l10n svn repo at ./locale
  • Extract strings from BuddyUp: grunt extract
  • Perform a full extract+merge+sync for Sumo (see Sumo docs)
  • Wait some time for localizers to localize any new strings (for example:
  • Deploy Sumo (see Sumo docs)
  • Pull localizations from Sumo to BuddyUp: grunt get_localization