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Executive Summary as of November 26 2015

♦♦♦ BuddyUp will ship as a part of Firefox OS 2.5
♦♦♦ The app is localized and can be downloaded from the market place
♦♦♦ Further development is on hold until we learn more about the future of Firefox OS
♦♦♦ The rest of this page is obsolete at this point

Important Meetings/Discussions Last Week

  • Last week's team meeting was a readiness check of project milestone of General Availability (GA) status. Engineer perform a full end to end BuddyUp on device demo and recording.
  • BuddyUp is currently waiting for Privileged app GO/NO GO review on April 8th. If Marketplace review is a GO, BuddyUp will be available shortly on Firefox Marketplace.
  • Sprint 2015.5 started on Tuesday:
  • Daily standups with devs at 4pm CET
  • Daily triage with QA and Hermina 4.15pm CET

Project Overview & Objectives

It’s a single support entry point for users and it integrates support offered on hardware, software or service issues. We aim to create and scale a community of helpers by starting with Mozilla paid staff, Mozilla and partner's community of helpers, carriers paid support staff, or any FxOS user who might be interested to offer help. We envision partnerships with carriers that will enable them to lower their cost of support by providing credits & incentives to users who help other users. This will also allow us to create a large-scale peer-to-peer service that builds on Mozilla's community-driven support model

Project Information & Documentation

Project Project Name: BuddyUp
Release Date Phase 1 Feb, 2015, Phase 2 (on hold)
IRC channel #buddyup
Team Members BuddyUp Team Members
Project docs
Bugzilla: Bug 1087281 - [meta] BuddyUp

[ QA Etherpad notes and team areas

QA Assigned App Areas:

  • Karthikeyan Palaniswamy: Profile
  • Christos - Helpee
  • Alfredos (fredy) Damkalis - Helper
Product: User Stories User Stories: Phase 1 & 2
Standups BuddyUp Standups
UX Wireframe
Content BuddyUp Content Audit
V3 Ideation Notes
BuddyUp work week Feb 23- 27, 2015 Stats
BuddyUp Meeting week Agenda
User Stories Remaining to implement Zero
Open Blocker list as of Feb 27 (includes UI bugs) 49
Open UI Blocker list as of Feb 27 15
Blockers Closed During Work Week 16
Remaining development points as of Feb 27: LOE:
Deliverable Completed for the week
  • BuddyUp marketplace Readiness
  • QA and Triage of Blockers bug
  • Continued IxD/VisD revision and refinement
  • Content revision and refinement
  • Executive update and Next steps

Reference docs, links etc..

Firefox Accounts


Phase 2

BuddyUp/Phase2 Phase 2 technical design