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Removal of OS security dialog for Windows

Owner: Brian

  • signing of the MARs are working - Atlee got that working, planned to have that pushed on 12/6
  • Rob has reviewed some of the files Brian's working and and should be able to wrap that up in the couple few days
  • brian has a few other small tasks to clean up
  • before we can go on aurora, there is some more releng work - being able to auto sign the Firefox App to launch (check is disabled right now - security blocker)
  • the plan is to land this work on m-c, Tues 12/6 (team has agreed to this hard date at the moment)
  • MAR signing is the primary risk/concern right now given the tight timeline
  • Ehsan is cleaning up some of the automated tests he previously worked
  • Some thoughts on how we can get more testing on m-c:
    • One proposal is to increase the number of nightly builds per day. We can also increase the check interval for updates as well (Ehsan to drive this)
    • Increase the interval for Aurora as well to a nightly build
QA (Simona Badau)

Add-ons Default to Compatible

Owner: Blair (client), Wil (AMO) (TO BE UPDATED)

  • Client
    • bug 693906 Parse and use new compatibility ranges in AMO metadata ping
      • patch ready for review
    • bug 527141 Addon update check should take into account compatibility preferences
      • patch ready for review
    • bug 705530 Support strictCompatibility option in update.rdf
      • ready to land
    • bug 706387 Send the compatibility mode when using AMO Search API
      • New
  • AMO
    • bug 706385 Add compatMode param to Search API
      • targeted to be fixed this week
    • bug 703783 Update version check to assume strict compatibility when addon has binary components
      • targeted to be fixed this week
    • bug 703781 Update version check script to use compat overrides
      • targeted to be fixed this week
QA (Virgil Dicu)
  • Test Plan
  • Completed:
    • verified some fixed bugs
    • filed bug 706424 - Downgrading to Firefox<10 lists add-ons with minVersion higher than application version as compatible
    • Litmus testcases added here
    • started running weekly exploratory tests on the following platforms: Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu, Mac OS
    • ran new test scenarios: behavior when downgrading, upgrading through more than two Firefox builds (7.0.1->8.0.1->9b3->10->11)
    • updated test plan to reflect changes and tests done recently
  • What's Next
    • bug 695977 - Addons shouldn't be compatible by default when their minVersion is greater than the app version: need to test once enabled by default on Aurora
    • continue running a weekly exploratory across platforms
    • finish off adding test cases in-Litmus
    • run those tests on a weekly basis once they're added
  • Questions/Issues
    • Is there anything I can do related to QA work for AMO side for this feature? (bug 691834)

Background updates

Owner: Ehsan

  • No major changes this week -- maintaining code base
  • Working on automated tests for the UAC dialog work that Brians doing
  • Planning for Fx11 still
QA (Vlad Ghetiu)
  • Received one update from Vlad on running some of the tests
  • Waiting to hear back given the holidays next week

Updated workflow for updating users with incompatible add-ons

Owner: Rob, Chris

  • Specs on the feature page have been updated
  • UX to provide mocks of the updated dialog and options panel
  • Robert and Chris agrees to de-prioritize this until the UAC and Background updates work is close to completion
  • Questions/Issues (answers below)
    • In case only x updated add-ons out of y incompatible ones (x<y) are found and the grace period ends, will the x add-ons be automatically updated when the user clicks "Update now"(after 7 days) or when the forced Firefox upgrade is done (after 14 days)?
    • clee: User can either update manually themselves (at any time) or will be forced to update on the 14th date unless they've toggle off the option for "auto updates". We will only disable the incompatible add-ons and messaging will be around security and how these add-ons have been disabled due to security reasons.
    • When will the check for updated add-ons be performed, daily at some set time or when the user starts Fx? (e.g. If the user starts Firefox then leaves it open for 3 days, how many checks will be done?) Same for the check if the grace period has ended.
    • clee: the recommendation is for the add-on compatibility check to happen at least daily (same time is fine), or on demand as known add-ons become compatible -- whichever is easier to implement. As for the grace period, if we can watermark when the last update become available and check against that date, that should help us with the grace period I'd imagine.
    • Will there be one process that first checks if the grace period has ended and if not, checks for updated add-ons? Or will the be separated (if separated, will it be possible the check for the end of the grace period comes after the one for updated add-ons, when updated versions for all the add-ons are found?)
    • clee: Not sure I fully understand this question, please send me an email.
    • Will the user have a way of changing the grace period from 14 days to a number of days of his choice? If this won't be done for the end user, it would be good to have it at least for testing (otherwise we will have to wait for 1-2 weeks for some test cases to be done).
    • clee: No, the plan is not to make this grace period date adjustable. We should implement a config that allows QA to test this so we do not need time to elapse to do the testing.

Getting the word out

  • Propose the Aurora team talk about this landing in Aurora
  • Mozillazine post before we land on Tues (Rob)
  • Blog post by Rob/Brian


  1. How can we find out what issues Nightly users are running into?