Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-11-20

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  • 2013 Goals and Planning
  • Headcount and hiring




  • B2G
    • Dashboard support and dogfooding
  • Performance
    • Still pushing on remaining Telemetry enabled-by-default blockers
  • Mobile Web Compat
    • Working on updates for UA detection frameworks/products
    • Speaking with Vimeo and BrightCove about fixing media content delivery for Firefox
    • Working on community and project documentation
    • Working on basecamp goal with jjensen
    • Next push for Webkit aliasing analysis underway


  • Iteration model for Metro.
  • Updating projections for B2G, will continue this week now that feature freeze impact on the data seems to have past past out of the 5 week window.
  • Games documentation feedback and review
  • Bugzilla statistics strategy change to focus on a few key metrics and making sure they address the need.
    • This includes security bugs info, review queues, and "time to" stats for release management.
  • Working on legal documents related to games.
  • Working with game partners on ports.


  • Working on integrated ZTE-Mozilla-QC-Telefonica schedule
  • Need 'metrics'updates for TCL timeline (how to measure progress for each activity)
  • Grow feathers and get roasted Thursday


  • Social API
    • Releasing next week
    • Planning for v2
  • FHR
    • Tracking pieces landing for Desktop and FirefoxOS
  • Hiring/Headcount planning
  • 2013 Goals