Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-11-27

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  • Goal setting process
  • Update on Metro
  • Update on Marco Mucci




  • Platform technical roadmap
    • Met with bz, jpr, roc, dbaron, dmandelin to discuss platform technical roadmap
    • Working on platform architectural diagram to communicate the story
  • B2G
    • Updated dashboard to respond to new Gaia components
  • Performance
    • Continue to push on remaining Telemetry enabled-by-default blockers
  • Mobile Web Compat
    • Still working on updates for UA detection frameworks/products
    • Still working to communicate issues with Vimeo and BrightCove
    • Deep dive site investigation in {{bug|811421} - next part of Webkit aliasing analysis


  • Last week was off site with a games partner.
  • Worked on updating prediction model with linear projections that monitors last 6 weeks ongoing.
  • Worked on javascript version of prediction model to automate the process going forward.


  • Working on FFOS - ZTE schedule: target launch end of May
  • Need a plan to close remaining 'Open' features
  • Working with TEF on timeline activity metrics
  • Working with TEF on FFOS schedule risks


  • Social API
    • V1.5 planning
    • Tracking multi-provider support for Fx18
  • FHR
    • Set up weekly meeting
    • Tracking desktop/b2g pieces
  • Engineering goal setting