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MozCamp Europe Discussions


  • There's widespread agreement with the high level point that mozilla must take an active role in shaping the mobile web.
  • The strategic approach feels like:
    • as Christian described yesterday, pick soft initial targets where we can have biggest impact soonest.
    • that is just a short-term goal, with a long term goal of being impactful on as many platforms as possible
    • In addition to talking to manufacturers about making Firefox part of the standard setup, we should leverage our grassroots marketing strength, to address the existing phones as well, through word of mouth
  • We should leverage our strengths to help shape the mobile experience -- mobile phone vendors are using brands like facebook to sell phones -- we want to see the firefox logo there as well
  • Another strategic advantage we have compared to other mobile browsers is our desktop product -- firefox could define the mobile web as an extension of your existing web experience, something that we can do better than anyone else (c.f. awesomebar, weave, history)

Detailed Notes

  • Without a mobile strategy, Mozilla will become irrelevant
  • Pick short term strategic markets
  • Goal: long-term universal coverage
  • Should consider integration or partnership with collaboration servers (especially true for non-web mobile/internet interactions (mail, synchronization, etc.)
  • Data pricing
  • Unifying desktop and mobile experience
  • Put the firefox brand in the mobile buying experience, like the facebook logo
  • What's the go to market strategy beyond talking to manufacturers? What about existing users who _could_ install firefox if we help them with it (tools, marketing, word-of-mouth)
    • FYI: opera has a "tell-a-friend"feature which could be a good idea to copy

Subsequent notes

  • This is where you want to add ideas you have on the Mobile Goal if it was not captured earlier.